Everything you need for CCPA + GDPR compliance

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CCPA & GDPR are complex. Compliance is expensive. Getting it wrong? Even more expensive. Datawallet gives you all the tools you need to get compliant with today’s data regulations, at a fraction of the cost of building it in-house.

Drive opt-in permission directly from your users, simplify download and data deletion requests, and build trust with transparency.

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Datawallet closely monitors developments in data regulations worldwide, and deploys new features to meet them, keeping your business a step ahead. We do more than compliance. Find our more about the Datawallet vision for a Better Way to do Data →

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Consumer First

With Datawallet, compliance is not just another expense. It's an investment in trusted relationships with your customers.

Datawallet's Consumer First compliance puts your customers in charge of their data by providing transparency and control. This increases customer trust and maximizes opt-in rates. Who said compliance couldn't be a win-win?

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Datawallet a single source of truth for permissions

A single source of truth

No more misaligned databases. Datawallet gives your team a centralized platform to track and query user permissions in real-time.

Datawallet Powered by Blockchain

Blockchain powered

Datawallet is powered by a secure and scalable blockchain giving you immutable proof of your customers data permissions.

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Everything you need for
CCPA & GDPR compliance

Do not sell my personal info
Do not sell my personal info

Datawallet gives your users a simple way to opt-in or out of selling their personal info.

Data Download requests
Data Download requests

Datawallet gives you a secure mechanism to deliver data files to your users, and manage the download request end-to-end via our integrations or API.

Data Deletion requests
Data Deletion requests

Streamline and manage data deletion and download requests via our pre-built integrations or API.

User Consent
User Consent

Get permission directly from your users to collect and use their data, on a granular basis.

Data mapping
Data mapping

Datawallet helps you map your data-flows to the structure of the relevant privacy law.

ID verification
ID verification

Verify requests through re-authenitication or answering security questions.

Effortlessly integrate with your existing workflow

Integrate Datawallet with the software your team already uses, or build out your own custom workflows with the Datawallet API.

Datawallet integration examples

A simplified user experience to drive opt-in & build trust

Maximize opt-in

Maximize opt-in

CCPA & GDPR mean compliance is no longer about minimizing opt-out. It’s about maximizing opt-in. Datawallet gives you the tools to effectively request consent for new data collection and its use. On your website, in app, or via email.

Maximize opt-in

Privacy that’s easy to understand

CCPA & GDPR requires you to inform your users what data is collected and how it is used. Datawallet makes this information easy to understand for your users, helping to build trust with transparency.

Maximize opt-in

Works on any screen

Give your users a unified user experience across devices and screens.

Maximize opt-in

Messaging that gets results

Pick from our library of templates to help create clear, friendly, and effective messaging that encourages usersto opt-in, and stays on-brand.

Datawallet simple UX

The importance of putting your customers in control of their data:


88% of customers say the amount of data they share with a company depends on how much they trust it.


87% of customers say they’ll take their business elsewhere if they don’t trust how a company handles their data.


75% of customers believe companies don’t handle their personal data responsibly.

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