Datawallet 3.0 allows developers to power the next generation internet with data owned and controlled by users.

Engineering ¦ July 24th, 2019, 11:00 pm

Datawallet 3.0 — Developer Edition is a simple, yet powerful tool for users to control their personal data. Through Datawallet’s personal SDK, users can leverage additional data from Facebook, Google, and Amazon, enabling developers to deliver personalized experiences unmatched by their competition. Users securely store their data in a locally encrypted vault to ensure maximum privacy and control. When users choose to power an application with their data, Datawallet provides a clear-cut guide of the data points requested for fine-grained control over its access.

Providing proof-of-concept, Datawallet 3.0 (Developer) sets a new standard for sourcing, storing, and utilizing personal data with its initial vision of the world’s first decentralized data ecosystem, and paves the way for Web3. Datawallet, or any other organization, cannot access the data without the active initiation and consent of the user, allowing developers to build truly ethical and powerful applications.

The Datawallet 3.0 — Developer Edition is composed of multiple different components. In the first development phase at Datawallet, we prioritized security and transparency with an entirely local sourcing, storage, and encryption solution. At the core is the actual Datawallet, living inside a Chrome browser extension, it has the following capabilities:

Datawallet 3.0 (Developer)


The first component developed was the sourcing tool. The sourcing tool enables users to seamlessly source their online data into their Datawallet with just a few clicks. No APIs are used in this process, as this would not allow for one of the most important aspects, pure local processing and storage.


The user’s data is then automatically stored locally and encrypted on their device using a key derived from the integrated Ethereum wallet. The resulting solution ensures that once a user sources their data into their Datawallet, neither Datawallet nor any other organization can access the data without the active initiation of the user. In this (quite technical) article we dive deeper into the encryption, as well as its advantages and limitations.


Our on-chain permissioning system allows users to decrypt and share their data with apps and brands they trust. The intuitive permissioning system puts the data owner in complete control of how and when their data gets used. When Datawallet encounters a whitelisted app, it retrieves the requested data points from the app’s smart contract on the blockchain to present to the user. If a user decides to grant permission for the app to access said data, Datawallet signs and publishes the transaction to the blockchain and releases the decrypted data.

Datawallet Testnet Explorer

For transparency, Datawallet is powered by blockchain technology. That means every time a user permissions their data, their consent is written onto an immutable ledger, providing auditable transactions on-chain.

Extra security is embedded through asymmetric cryptography, which protects the integrity of transactions. Users source and store their data locally on their device, and also have the ability to control, update, visualize and download their data. A clear-cut guide of the data request and compensation for the specified data are clearly defined in the contract to the data provider. By permissioning their data in a clear format, they can choose to power products with their data, giving developers direct access to ethical and consent-based cross-platform data for the first time ever. Our system is built on top of Ethereum, one of the most advanced general-purpose blockchain platforms and compatible with Datawallet’s ERC20 Data Exchange Token (DXT).

We built a custom explorer to make it simple for everyone to see their transactions recorded. Simply click on your address in the “Transactions” tab of your Datawallet or jump directly into the explorer here.

Datawallet SDK

The Datawallet SDK leverages a completely new data universe for developers to build the most advanced applications ever. With data controlled only by users, it provides an intuitive and documented flow for querying data with consent from the user. Exposing a familiar GraphQL interface and a unified flow across devices that users will understand, developers can easily write queries and build a new generation of state-of-the-art applications.

For developers who want to build applications, have a look at our SDK documentation here.

Power the next generation internet with data owned and controlled only by users.

As proof-of-concept, we’re launching two apps powered by Datawallet, to showcase the permissioning flow of data and provide some inspiration as to what is possible.

Showcase App I:

Facebook tracks everything it can about you, down to the most intimate details. Why? To profile you, and make mega $$$ blasting you with ads. Connect your Datawallet to see your Facebook Ad profile and power YouAreTheProduct. See what Facebook thinks your ‘real’ interests are, find out which companies directly target you through Facebook ads and see a list of every ad you’ve ever interacted with through FB.

You are the product

Facebook… It tracks everything it can about you, down to the most intimate details. Why? To profile you. To make mega $$$ blasting you with a Cat 5 storm of ads it thinks you’ll click. That’s why it’s free, you are the product.

Showcase App II: Big 5 Personality Test

Your data can say a lot about you. See your personality insights from the Big 5 personality test powered by IBM Watson. Use your data to power the personality test and find out how open, conscientious, extraverted, agreeable and emotional your data says you are.

Watson Analysis

Your data says a lot about you. See where you score in the Big 5 personality test powered by IBM Watson.

Download the Datawallet 3.0 — Developer Edition and build the applications of tomorrow.

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