Datawallet highlights key concerns with the CCPA in comments to the Attorney General of California

Regulation ¦ December 5th, 2019, 11:00 pm

New York, NY. Datawallet has submitted comments to the Attorney General (AG) of California regarding critical issues and concerns with the proposed draft regulations pursuant to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

The letter highlights Datawallet’s stance as a strong consumer advocate, supporting the importance of forcing companies to be explicit about the reasons and purposes at the point data is collected from consumers, and forcing them to ask for explicit opt-in consent for any new purposes, giving consumers the effective control over personal data they deserve and need.

Touching on the CCPA’s and Draft Regulations’ far-reaching scope and definition of personal information, Datawallet additionally advocates for the explicit inclusion of content from messaging in the definition of personal information.

Datawallet’s letter to the AG also asks for clarification in the final regulations to define exactly which obligations service providers face, and what they need to do to achieve compliance.

Datawallet also requests clarification about how the businesses should utilize user-enabled privacy controls (e.g., browser plugin or privacy settings) to infer an opt-out of sale request as suggested in one provision, as there are no operational standards for these signals.

Datawallet further expresses concern about the broad exceptions a business may invoke to deny deletion requests, and that the final regulations need to define the scope of a “purpose” less ambiguously. Finally, Datawallet highlights the lack of clarity about real-time bidding practices and “walled garden” personalized targeting for advertising, as this has a profound impact on consumer privacy.

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