Datawallet joins the COVID Alliance as Privacy Partner

News ¦ May 26th, 2020, 10:00 pm

New York — May 27th, 2020. Governments, health authorities, non-profits, and companies worldwide are working together to combat the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, safeguarding people, and getting countries up and running again.

To that effect, Datawallet has joined the not-for-profit COVID Alliance to develop privacy preserving technologies and strategies to fight the current pandemic and prevent future outbreaks.

The COVID Alliance is focused on building tools that enable privacy-first, data-driven approaches to policy making. By getting their pandemic management platform in the hands of governments, public health organizations, and health care providers, the Alliance is providing governmental decision-makers with the tools and knowledge they need for effective policy-making. The Pandemic Management Platform (PMP) is an easy-to-use set of dashboards that display live, anonymized geolocation data to determine where populations are clustering and moving down to street-level granularity. The platform also incorporates more than two dozen publicly available healthcare and demographic datasets  — such as hospital utilization, infection and death data — to give policymakers a localized view of the pandemic.

Datawallet set to coordinate the COVID Alliance Ethics team, support the Ethics Board and provide privacy and ethics consulting services 

“We believe that this period marks a make-or-break moment for digital privacy.” said Serafin Lion Engel, Founder & CEO of Datawallet, “Data analytics tools aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19 are the most promising tools at our disposal to effectively and sustainably allow our societies and economies to reopen. They do so, however, through leveraging the most sensitive of our data. With adoption of these technologies at a nation state scale, it is therefore imperative that these systems are designed with the highest standards of privacy and data ownership assurance as their guiding principles. We are delighted to see that the COVID Alliance is seeking to address precisely these pillars by including them at the core of their organization, through the inclusion of an independent Ethics Advisory Board. We at Datawallet are looking forward to leading the Ethics Team and supporting the work of the Ethics Advisory Board, to help contribute to a technology that is effective, equitable, and privacy preserving.”

Initiatives in many countries, such as some contact-tracing apps, have recently been under scrutiny due to their potentially severe privacy implications and the risk of the establishment of a surveillance state. Only by putting privacy, data security and user-consent first, can we benefit from technology without sacrificing our fundamental rights. 

“Since trust is paramount, Datawallet is helping us put our policy where our mouth is: with an iron-clad commitment to put users in full control of their data,” said Ryan Naughton, Founder and President of the COVID Alliance. “We want to ensure that individuals have faith in the data they are providing while governments have actionable data in front of them when making critical decisions that will save lives.”


Datawallet's Consumer First Compliance puts users in charge of their data by providing transparency and control. This increases trust and maximizes opt-in rates. Datawallet provides organizations with all the tools they need to manage requests, consents, and comply with today’s and tomorrow’s data regulations. Use a privacy-first strategy to make compliance a win for everyone and utilize data to its full potential.

COVID Alliance 

The COVID Alliance is a coalition-building nonprofit focused on bringing together best-in-class experts across policy, science, tech & health care. We’re developing data-driven products to help policymakers at all levels better collaborate on pandemic response efforts.

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