Andrew Kang Net Worth

Andrew Kang Net Worth

In this guide, we deep dive into Andrew Kang, the co-founder and CIO at Mechanism Capital. Found out how he got his start, how he built his name as an investor and his current net worth.

TLDR: Andrew Kang (@Rewkang on Twitter) is an out-spoken and controversial crypto trader & venture investor with a net worth of $200 million. He’s the co-founder and CIO at Mechanism Capital, which he founded in 2020 after leaving his previous firm Digital Capital Management.

He is best-known for is thesis-driven and sometimes contrarian calls on Twtitter and other media outlets, along with his investments in early-stage startups and his ability to spot trends in the crypto space.

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Who is Andrew Kang?

Andrew Kang is a trader, investor, and co-founder of Mechanism Capital, a cryptocurrency investment firm that invests in prop trading, mining, ventures, and secondary markets. He previously worked in portfolio management and venture capital at Digital Capital Management. In 2020, Kang was instrumental to success in various DeFi-related ventures and the growth of the sector. He was an early investor in top performing protocols like Synthetix, AAVE, 1inch and others.

Andrew Kang is now actively managing the portfolio of Mechanism Capital, which is a fund that focuses on on DeFi, on-chain derivatives and other on-chain marketplaces. According to data provided by cryptorank.io, Mechanism Capital has over 79 investments in the sector and have allocated capital to top protocols like NEAR, Biconomy, Moonriver, JOE and Pendle Finance.

Andrew Kang and Mechanism Capital Investments

What Is Andrew Kang's Net Worth

Based on the assets under management at Mechanism Capital ($500m), their historical performance and Andrew Kang's ownership of the firm, we estimate his net worth to be over $30 million.

Our researchers also found Andrew Kang's public on-chain trading address on the GMX platform. Andrew typically trades with position sizes around $4-5 million when trading derivatives on BTC, ETH and other tokens. During the time of writing, you can see the Kang was down over $500,000 on shorts with positions levered 10.8x and 6.32x.

This type of trade sizing is indicative of a well-capitalized trader and is another reason we anticipate his net worth is $30m at a minimum.

Andrew Kang Wallet Address

Where Can I Follow Andrew Kang?

The best place to keep up to date with Andrew Kang's analysis and thoughts on macro and crypto markets, you should follow him on Twitter @Rewkang. Andrew currently has over 139,000 followers and is very active on the platform. Andrew also writes long-form research on sectors within the crypto market, you can find the full list of papers at Mechanism Capital.

Final Thoughts

Andrew Kang is one of the most influential figures in the crypto space and a thought leader in the venture capital sector. His current net worth is estimated to be over $30 million. You can follow Andrew on Twitter and check out his research reports at Mechanism Capital. Keep an eye out as he continues to make shrewd investments and calls on digital assets.

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