eToro Key Features

The eToro exchange is a robust and feature-rich platform that offers multiple unique products and services. Below we have curated a list of eToro’s key features and products.

  1. Multiple Asset Types: On eToro, users can buy and sell six asset classes including crypto, stocks, indices, commodities, fiat currencies and ETFs.
  2. Cryptocurrency Staking: Stake Cardano, Tron or Ethereum on eToro for various yields depending on your membership level.
  3. Copy Trader: eToro users can automatically mimic the trades of other successful investors. Through Copy Trader, users can see the investors risk score, fail/success ratio and more transparently.
  4. Virtual Trading Platform: Practice trading multiple assets with paper money on eToro demo account feature, which allows you to trade up to $100K in virtual cash.
  5. 0% Commission: There are zero fees to invest in stocks or ETFs on eToro.
  6. Social Trading: The platform offers an in-built news feed where users can communicate with each other to discuss trades, insights and strategies.
  7. Free Insurance: European, UK and Australian clients' funds are covered up to 1 million EUR/AUD/GBP per person.
  8. Professional Account: eToro provides a ‘professional client’ feature which is only available to experienced traders and financial professionals that have more than $500,000 in their eToro account.
eToro: Discover Tab.
eToro: Discover Tab.

Is eToro a safe platform?

eToro takes the safety and security of its users very seriously. The platform uses robust encryption technology to protect all personal and financial information. As a further measure of security, it offers the option for users to enable two-factor authentication for their accounts. This adds an extra layer of protection by requiring a unique code in addition to your login credentials.

In addition, eToro is regulated and licensed by several financial authorities, including the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission in Europe, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority in the US, the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. These regulatory bodies implement strict guidelines to ensure that eToro operates in an ethical and transparent manner.

Lastly, the exchange has been operating for over 15 years and has never once been the subject of a cyber attack or hacking incident, proving it is battle-tested and a high-security exchange. 

eToro: Regulation & License.
eToro: Regulation & License.

Fees Schedule

eToro does not have high fees in comparison to other popular trading platforms. Its fees schedule includes spreads, overnight fees, withdrawal fees, and cryptocurrency trading fees. The platform doesn’t charge anything on deposits or stocks & ETF trades. Refer to the below list for a quick overview of the exchange's costs.

  • The spread is the difference between the buy and sell price on a trade, and eToro's spreads can vary depending on the particular asset being traded.
  • Overnight fees are charged for keeping positions open past market closing times, with different rates for long and short positions.
  • Withdrawal fees are capped at $5 per transaction.
  • Cryptocurrency trades will incur a 1% flat fee anytime you buy or sell a token.
  • There is a $10 monthly inactivity fee if you don’t use your account for over 12 months.
eToro: Fees Schedule.
eToro: Fees Schedule.

How to contact eToro customer support

eToro offers some of the most useful and responsive customer support out of any exchange globally. In fact, the team has achieved an incredible 4.3 stars from 17K reviews on TrustPilot. Customer support can be reached 24/7 via its Live Chat feature, email (, phone (1-888-271-8365) and through its online ticketing system.

On top of that, eToro also has various online communities for its users to join including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and TikTok. These are the only official social media platforms that eToro have, they are not currently on Reddit, Telegram or Discord.

eToro: Customer Service Center.
eToro: Customer Service Center.

eToro Mobile App

In addition to the eToro web platform, there is also a mobile application version of the exchange. The mobile app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices. The app is currently ranked #63 overall in the Finance category and rated 4.3 stars from 2K reviews on the Apple App Store. On the Google Play Store it is rated 4.1 stars from 125K reviews.

The eToro application offers the same functionality and UI as its web counterpart. Users can check their portfolio, open positions, access Copy Trader and the in-built social media platform, all on the go!

eToro Mobile App: iPhone Screenshot.
eToro Mobile App: iPhone Screenshot.

What is eToro’s Copy Trader feature

The Copy Trader feature allows users to automatically copy the trades of other successful traders on the eToro platform. This means that users can easily diversify their portfolios and benefit from the expertise of top-performing traders without having to actively manage their own trades. Users can filter potential "Copied Traders" by criteria such as overall performance, risk score, and trading experience. 

Additionally, users have the option to set a maximum amount they are willing to invest in each copied trader, as well as adjust or stop copying at any time. It’s a convenient way for investors to gain access to diverse strategies and potentially increase their profits. Furthermore, there are no additional fees to use this feature, it is completely free of charge.

eToro: CopyTrader.
eToro: CopyTrader.

Is eToro available in my country?

eToro is currently supported in over 140 countries globally. To see if you can use eToro in your country, visit the Restricted Jurisdictions list.

Final Thoughts

eToro is the largest and most secure/affordable multi-asset exchange in the world. It is great for all types of investors, from experienced traders to beginners. The platform is ideal for investors who want to purchase multiple asset types through a secure and trustworthy platform. eToro was built as a social trading platform and is best for those who want to discuss trading strategies or copy techniques of successful traders.