Gainzy Net Worth

Gainzy Net Worth

This is a detailed guide to who the Crypto influencer, Gainzy is and what his estimated net worth is in 2023.

TLDR: Gainzy is a popular Crypto influencer who first gained traction in the industry in 2017 when he made millions with his trading bot, GainzyBot. He currently has an estimated net worth of $20 million in 2023.

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Who is Gainzy?

Gainzy is not currently doxxed and his real identity is unknown. However, in August of 2022, he tweeted a photo revealing what he looks like. His name and personal information are still private. There is not much information available about who he is, but he has stated that he is from Wisconsin, in the United States. Outside of his location and image, the only connection to Gainzy is his collaborations with various Crypto projects like Rollbit.

What is Gainzy's Net Worth in 2023?

Gainzy rose in popularity in the 2017 bull market on CT (Crypto Twitter) by shilling his ref links through his popular trading bot, GainzyBot. Through this method, Gainzy was able to make millions of dollars through his affiliate links with popular exchanges like Bybit, Binance and FTX. In 2023, he has been regularly posting on Twitter about his significant bet sizes on the online Crypto sports betting website, Rollbit.

From Rollbit alone, Gainzy has made multi-millions from his ref link. All of this is public information as he frequently posts his affiliate earnings from the platform. As of 2023, Gainzy has an estimated net worth of $20 million.

Does Gainzy have social media?

Yes, if you're interested in following Gainzy's Crypto investment journey, you can follow his Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or pay to join his private discord group 'Degen Parlays with Gainzy'.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Gainzy is a popular Crypto influencer who rose to fame during the 2017 bull market through his trading bot, GainzyBot, and his shilling of his affiliate links. While his true identity remains unknown, he is known for his insightful market analysis, accurate price predictions, and educational content around Crypto. As of 2023, Gainzy has an estimated net worth of $20 million, primarily from his affiliate earnings from Rollbit.

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