How to Bridge from Polygon to Optimism

If you are looking for the extended guide on how to bridge from Polygon to optimism, follow the 4 step outline provided below. If you want to compare Stargate Finance with alternative bridging protocols for Polygon and Optimism, we recommend checking out popular platforms like Synapse Protocol or Across Protocol.

Step 1: Install & Set-up MetaMask

To begin the process, you would need to install MetaMask on your device. You can get it on your app store or web store. When installed, visit Chainlist to add the Polygon and Optimism networks to your Metamask. You would need to connect your wallet to the site, search for the networks and add to your wallet.

Connect to any network with ChainList.

Step 2: Fund your wallet

Since you would be interacting with Stargate via your MetaMask, you would need to fund it. You can easily send assets on Polygon from any other wallet to your MetaMask.


Step 3: Go to Stargate Finance

Visit Stargate Finance to bridge your assets from Polygon to Optimism, for this bridging process, click on the “Transfer” tab. First, you will need to connect your MetaMask to the protocol. When connected, ensure that you select the right network and asset you want to bridge.

Optimism and Polygon Bridge on Stargate Finance.
Optimism and Polygon Bridge on Stargate Finance.

Step 4: Bridge your Assets

Input the desired amount of assets on Polygon that you want to bridge to Optimism. If you wish to bridge all, tap on the MAX button. Click on the confirm transfer and your assets would be bridged to Optimism in a few minutes.

Polygon to Optimism Bridging Fees

The fees to bridge assets between Polygon and Optimism on a platform like Stargate Finance are incredibly cheap thanks to the cross-chain DEX’s low fees and tight slippage. Users can expect to pay no more than $5 to move assets in either direction.

Is Stargate Safe?

Stargate Finance has proven to be a safe protocol where users can easily bridge assets across its supported networks. The cross-chain DEX has over $500m in total value locked on the DEX from users providing liquidity to enable fast and cheap cross-chain swaps, which highlights the high degree of trust that investors have in the application. The platform was built by Bryan Pellegrino, Co-Founder of LayerZero Labs.

Final Thoughts

Stargate is a secure, trustless and high-performance cross-chain bridge for users to move assets across different blockchains including Polygon and Optimism. Though the bridge only allows seven networks currently, the team are planning on integrating more networks in the future but are focused on security and rolling new features out in a safe and secure manner.