What is Harry Potter Obama Sonic 10 Inu?

What is Harry Potter Obama Sonic 10 Inu?

Discover the world of HPOS10i, a popular meme coin, its associated NFTs, and the best platforms for investing.

Summary: HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu (HPOS10i), also known as BITCOIN, is a meme coin from the 4chan biz forums that has gained traction due to Crypto Twitter influencers and its community. The team behind HPOS10i also created Sproto Gremlins, a unique NFT collection. Despite its meme coin status with no specific utility, HPOS10i has seen substantial growth. Investors can purchase HPOS10i on Bitget, and the Uniswap V2 BITCOIN/WETH pool is recommended for trades with deep liquidity.

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What is HPOS10i?

HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu, ticker BITCOIN or also known as HPOS10i, is a new meme coin based deployed on the Ethereum mainnet with the contract address (0x72e4f9F808C49…). The name is a playful mix of pop culture references and symbols, which emerged from the 4chan biz forums as a meme in late 2022.

The meme coin has been a hit among popular Crypto Twitter influencers like NaniXBT and 0xSisyphus, who have been instrumental in its 1,000x run to a $100 million market capitalization. Many investors expect it to compete with PEPE as an emergent memecoin for the next cycle, valued at $1 billion. This means their current price prediction for Harry Potter Obama Sonic 10 Inu is $1 based on current prices.

Harry Potter Obama Sonic 10 Inu

What are Sproto Gremlins?

Sproto Gremlins are a collection of 3,333 unique NFTs created by the Harry Potter Obama Sonic 10 Inu team. These are popular profile picture NFTs on Crypto Twitter and currently fetch a floor price of 0.76 ETH. This puts the collection valuation at 2533 ETH or $5,000,000 USD at current prices.

Sproto Gremlins

What is the Utility of Harry Potter Obama Sonic 10 Inu?

HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu (@hpos10iETH on Twitter), also known as BITCOIN, is a cryptocurrency that doesn't have a specific utility or function. Instead, it's a meme coin, which means its value mainly comes from the community that supports it and the popularity of the meme itself. This coin has built a community around Milady's and users from the 4chan biz forum. Remember, investing in meme coins can be risky, so it's always a good idea to do your own research.

How to Buy Harry Potter Obama Sonic 10 Inu?

The easiest way to buy Harry Potter Obama Sonic 10 Inu (BITCOIN) is through a centralized exchange that offers the token. This is the recommended method over on-chain platforms like Uniswap V3 or Uniswap V3 because the fees and slippage on a decentralized exchange is significantly higher.

Here is a simple 4-step guide to get started with Bitget, which is the recommended platform to invest in HPOS10i with no KYC:

  1. Sign up with Bitget (no KYC required).
  2. Deposit USDT or another stablecoin to the platform.
  3. Find the Harry Potter Obama Sonic 10 Inu (BITCOIN) token.
  4. Input the amount of USDT you want to swap for BITCOIN and execute your trade.
Buy Harry Potter Obama Sonic 10 Inu?

Where is the Deepest Liquidity for HPOS10i?

For investors looking to execute an HPOS10i trade with deep liquidity, we recommend the Uniswap V2 BITCOIN/WETH pool. This pool currently has the best market depth and highest 24 hour volume on average at around $14 million.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu (HPOS10i), a meme coin from the 4chan biz forums, has risen to prominence, largely driven by Crypto Twitter influencers and a supportive community. Its popularity has extended to the NFT sphere, where Sproto Gremlins, an exclusive collection created by the HPOS10i team, enjoy high demand. 

Despite lacking specific utility, the coin's value is largely community-driven, demonstrating the power of social influence in cryptocurrency markets. For those interested in investing in HPOS10i, Bitget offers a straightforward platform for purchasing this coin.

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