How to Add PGN to MetaMask

How to Add PGN to MetaMask

Learn the simple steps to connect Public Goods Network to MetaMask and engage with a Layer 2 network focused on societal impact.

Summary: Connecting Public Goods Network (PGN) with your MetaMask wallet is streamlined through ChainList, a dependable resource aggregating verified blockchain network information.

Begin by linking your MetaMask wallet to ChainList. Next, search for Public Goods Network in the provided list and select 'Connect Wallet.' This action seamlessly sets up your wallet with PGN’s specific parameters, facilitating interaction with this Layer 2 solution.

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Chainlist is an aggregator of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) networks. It allows users to connect their MetaMask wallets to the specific Chain and Network ID, ensuring a safe connection to the correct blockchain.
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100+ Layer 1 and Layer 2 chains.
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Built by the Defillama team.
Compatible Wallets
MetaMask only.

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Can I Add Public Goods Network to MetaMask?

Yes, integrating Public Goods Network (PGN) with MetaMask is straightforward. PGN, a Layer 2 network dedicated to funding public goods, aligns with Ethereum’s core principles. To add PGN to MetaMask, simply input PGN's specific RPC URL in the MetaMask settings. This process underscores PGN's commitment to Ethereum's decentralization and security, while emphasizing its unique approach to scalable, community-focused solutions.

How to Add PGN to MetaMask

Connecting the Public Goods Network (PGN) into your MetaMask wallet is an easy and secure task. Ensuring the correct RPC details and Network ID is crucial for a successful setup. To streamline this process, consider using ChainList. ChainList simplifies the task, allowing you to connect to any EVM-compatible network like PGN efficiently with just a click.

Here's how you can integrate PGN with MetaMask:

  1. Visit the ChainList website and connect your MetaMask wallet.
  2. Utilize the search feature at the top of ChainList's homepage and type in 'Public Goods Network'.
  3. Locate Public Goods Network in the search results and select 'Add to MetaMask'.
  4. Complete the process by following the prompts in your MetaMask wallet to add the PGN network.
Add PGN to MetaMask

PGN RPC Details

To ensure a secure connection with Public Goods Network (PGN) via MetaMask, precise RPC settings are paramount. Always use trusted sources for these settings, like PGN's official documentation. Here's a brief overview of the essential RPC details for PGN:

Properly configuring these parameters in your MetaMask wallet is key to safely accessing PGN, allowing you to effectively leverage its Layer 2 capabilities focused on supporting public goods.

About Public Goods Network

Public Goods Network (PGN) is a pioneering Layer 2 (L2) solution built on Ethereum's infrastructure, designed to provide sustainable and recurring funding for public goods. Operating as a digital convergence point, PGN is unique in channeling most of its net sequencer fees directly into projects that develop or support public goods. With its commitment to reduced operational costs compared to Ethereum mainnet and its EVM-equivalent easy deployment, PGN empowers developers and communities to support and advance public goods, aligning technological innovation with social impact.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, adding Public Goods Network (PGN) to MetaMask offers users a direct pathway to participate in a blockchain network dedicated to funding public goods. The process, simplified through ChainList, ensures secure and accurate network integration. With the correct RPC settings, users can effortlessly access PGN's Layer 2 capabilities, combining technological efficiency with a focus on societal impact.

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