Summary: Integrating RSK Network into your MetaMask wallet is made straightforward and intuitive via ChainList, a dependable platform for precise blockchain network information.

Begin by connecting your MetaMask to ChainList, then look for RSK Network, and select 'Connect Wallet.' This simple procedure ensures your wallet is correctly set up with RSK's authenticated network configurations.

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Chainlist is an aggregator of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) networks. It allows users to connect their MetaMask wallets to the specific Chain and Network ID, ensuring a safe connection to the correct blockchain.

Supported Networks

100+ Layer 1 and Layer 2 chains.

Development Team

Built by the Defillama team.

Compatible Wallets

MetaMask only.

Can you add Rootstock RSK to MetaMask?

Yes, it's possible to connect to the RSK Network using your MetaMask Wallet. Rootstock (RSK) is a Bitcoin-powered smart contract platform intended to extend Bitcoin's functionality to include Ethereum-compatible smart contracts, while being secured by Bitcoin's strong miner base. To incorporate the RSK Network into your MetaMask Wallet, you'll need the correct Network ID and Chain ID specifications, which you can find from a reliable EVM network resource such as ChainList.

How to add RSK Network to MetaMask

To add the RSK Network to your MetaMask wallet efficiently, Chainlist is an invaluable resource. It serves as a rich repository of EVM-compatible network information, facilitating users' ability to easily discover and link with blockchains like RSK by providing authenticated RPC and network IDs. The integration process is designed for simplicity and speed, entailing a few straightforward steps.

Here's how to proceed:

  1. Access ChainList: Visit the ChainList website for a start.
  2. Connect MetaMask Wallet: Follow the provided instructions to establish a connection with your MetaMask Wallet.
  3. Search for RSK: Enter 'RSK' in the search bar and select it from the list of results.
  4. Wallet Connection: Click on 'Connect Wallet', located in the section dedicated to RSK.
Add RSK Network to MetaMask

RSK Network RPC Details

Here are the Rootstock (RSK) RPC details. This data has been checked and provided by the official RSK documentation.

After entering this data into your MetaMask wallet, your connection to the RSK Network will be instantly formed. This connection enables you to interact directly with the RSK Network, providing you with access to its array of decentralized applications.

What is Rootstock?

Rootstock, or RSK, is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible blockchain that leverages Bitcoin’s security and consensus. It's designed to make Bitcoin's functionalities more diverse by enabling smart contract execution, a feature that's not natively available on Bitcoin's network. Rootstock aims to combine the security and widespread use of Bitcoin with the flexibility of smart contracts, similar to what Ethereum offers. It uses a token called Smart Bitcoin (RBTC) which is pegged 1:1 with Bitcoin. 


Bottom Line

In conclusion, integrating Rootstock (RSK) - a Bitcoin-powered smart contract platform - with your MetaMask Wallet is a straightforward task. Thanks to platforms like ChainList, you can quickly and securely connect to the RSK Network, extending the functionalities of your Bitcoin experience. By following the steps outlined in this post and entering the correct Network ID and Chain ID specifications, you can start exploring the RSK Network and its numerous decentralized applications in no time.