How to Add Neon EVM to MetaMask

How to Add Neon EVM to MetaMask

Discover how to easily integrate Neon EVM with your MetaMask wallet, unlocking the power of Ethereum smart contracts on Solana's efficient network.

Summary: Integrating Neon EVM into your MetaMask wallet is efficient and user-friendly, courtesy of ChainList, a trusted source for validated blockchain network data.

Start by linking your MetaMask wallet to ChainList, searching for Neon EVM and choosing 'Connect Wallet.' This action instantly connects your wallet with Neon EVM's network parameters, facilitating effective interaction with Neon EVM's robust environment on the Solana blockchain.

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Can I Add Neon EVM to MetaMask?

Certainly, you can integrate the Neon EVM Network with your MetaMask wallet. Neon EVM is a specialized runtime environment, compatible with Ethereum, which facilitates the execution of Ethereum-based smart contracts on the Solana blockchain. This integration combines Ethereum's versatility with Solana's efficiency, offering faster transactions at lower costs. To successfully connect your MetaMask wallet to the Neon EVM Network, it's essential to have the specific Network ID and Chain ID information.

How to Add Neon EVM to MetaMask

Incorporating Neon EVM into your MetaMask wallet is a straightforward and vital process for engaging with Ethereum dApps seamlessly. The accurate input of RPC information and Network ID is pivotal. For reliable and easy setup, turning to ChainList is advisable. ChainList provides a simple way to integrate with EVM-compatible chains like Neon EVM through its user-friendly single-click option.

Here are the steps to integrate Neon EVM into MetaMask:

  1. Navigate to ChainList: Access the ChainList portal and connect your MetaMask wallet.
  2. Look for Neon EVM: Use the search function to find 'Neon EVM Mainnet'.
  3. Choose to Add: Click 'Add to MetaMask' adjacent to Neon EVM in the search results.
  4. Finalize Integration: Follow the MetaMask instructions to complete the Neon EVM network integration.
Add Neon EVM to MetaMask

Neon EVM RPC Details

Below are the accurate Neon EVM RPC parameters, directly obtained from the official Neon EVM documentation and guidelines:

  • Network Name: Neon EVM Mainnet
  • Network URL: https://neon-proxy-mainnet.solana.p2p.org
  • Chain ID: 245022934
  • Currency Symbol: NEON
  • Block Explorer URL: https://neonscan.org

Once you integrate these details into your MetaMask, you'll establish a link with the Neon EVM Mainnet promptly. This connection is your gateway to the Neon EVM ecosystem, enabling direct interactions with its diverse range of decentralized applications.

What is Neon EVM?

Neon EVM represents a runtime environment compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), functioning atop the Solana blockchain. Its core objective is to augment Solana's functionality, primarily by allowing Ethereum smart contracts to run effectively on Solana, a feature originally absent in Solana. Neon seeks to merge Solana's rapid processing and cost-effectiveness with the adaptable nature of Ethereum's smart contracts. The platform utilizes its native NEON token and also supports a variety of Ethereum-based tokens in its ecosystem.

Neon EVM

Bottom Line

In summary, integrating Neon EVM with your MetaMask wallet enhances your blockchain experience by bridging Ethereum's smart contract capabilities with Solana's efficient infrastructure. This guide has walked you through the seamless process using ChainList, ensuring a user-friendly setup. By adopting Neon EVM, you tap into a world of faster, cost-effective transactions and a broader scope of decentralized applications, marking a significant stride in your blockchain journey.

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