Best Crypto Exchanges in Denmark

Best Crypto Exchanges in Denmark

Explore our top picks for the best crypto exchanges in Denmark, tailored to provide secure, diverse, and regulatory-compliant trading options.

Summary: In Denmark, the most effective approach for investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies centers around using exchanges compliant with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) or applicable European regulations. These certified platforms facilitate deposits in Danish Krone (DKK), accommodating widely-used Danish payment options like bank transfers and credit or debit cards.

Our evaluation of the top 5 exchanges tailored for Danish users emphasizes security and dependability. These chosen platforms provide a credible and well-informed route for those in Denmark looking to engage in the cryptocurrency market.

  1. eToro - Best Crypto Exchange in Denmark
  2. Bybit - Best Platform for Crypto Traders
  3. Gate.io - Best for Altcoins in Denmark
  4. Uphold - Best Platform for Beginners
  5. MEXC - Best Exchange for Leverage
Best Crypto Exchange in Denmark
5.0 out of 5.0 by Datawallet
eToro is the best and safest platform for investors in Denmark due to its extensive asset range, intuitive interface, cost-efficient DKK deposit options, and stringent regulatory compliance.
DKK Deposit Methods
Bank Transfer, Dankort, Debit Card, Credit Card and more.
Supported Assets
Over 4,500 Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, ETFs and more.
Licensing and Regulation
The CySEC, FCA, FinCEN and more.

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Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Denmark

Our thorough analysis of over 20 cryptocurrency platforms identifies the top five for Danish investors. This review highlights compliance with the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) regulations and relevant EU directives. We focus on various cryptocurrencies, user-friendly interfaces, support for Danish Krone (DKK) transactions, and clear pricing structures. For Danish investors seeking a platform that aligns with their investment needs, our detailed guide below is essential.

Trading Fees
Deposit Methods
Key Features
4,500+ (Crypto, Stocks & ETFs)
0% Fees and Variable Spread (1% Average)
Bank Transfer, SEPA, iDEAL, Credit Card & More
Multiple Asset Classes & Most Regulated
0.01% Maker Fee and 0.06% Taker Fee
Bank Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card & More
Staking, Futures, Options, Lending & More
0.1% Maker Fees and 0.2% Taker Fees
Bank Transfer, Debit Card &Credit Card
Widest Altcoin Variety, Futures, Options & More
1% Fee and 1% Spread
Debit Card, Credit Card and Google Pay
Staking, Gold & Silver Investing & More
Maker Fees 0.02% and Taker Fees 0.06%
Bank Transfer, Debit Card &Credit Card
200X Leverage, Staking, Options & More

1. eToro

eToro is Denmark's foremost investment platform, boasting a diverse range of over 4,500 financial assets. This includes prominent cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana, along with major stocks like Coinbase and Microstrategy. The inclusion of innovative Bitcoin ETFs, notably iShares by Blackrock and the ARKK Bitcoin ETF (ARKB), provides Danish investors with cutting-edge options to diversify their investment portfolio.

eToro's intuitive interface and streamlined Danish Krone (DKK) deposit process are overseen by prominent European regulatory authorities, ensuring its reliability in Denmark. The platform caters to diverse investment needs with multiple deposit options like bank transfers, SEPA, and credit/debit cards. eToro's dedication to maintaining competitive fees, typically around 1%, along with favorable spreads, solidifies its position as a top choice for cryptocurrency and ETF investments.

  • Fees: eToro employs a variable spread fee model, generally around 1%.
  • Supported Assets: eToro's portfolio spans over 4,500 assets, including popular cryptocurrencies, innovative ETFs like ARKB, and thousands of stocks.
  • Regulatory Compliance: eToro conforms to standards set by crucial European financial authorities, aligning with Danish regulatory requirements.
  • DKK Deposit Methods: Features bank transfers, debit/credit cards, and other favored Danish avenues.
eToro Denmark Exchange

2. Bybit

In our ranking, Bybit claims the second spot, emerging as a versatile option for Danish investors. This platform appeals to a wide array of investors, notably those interested in options and perpetual futures contracts. With a robust selection of over 1,000 digital assets and effective Danish Krone deposit methods, Bybit meets the diverse requirements of the Danish market. Its user-friendly interface and strong security measures are highly regarded.

Bybit extends beyond cryptocurrencies, offering futures contracts with up to 25x leverage and an expanding NFT marketplace, thus widening trading possibilities for crypto enthusiasts. With competitive maker fees at only 0.01% and taker fees at 0.06%, and adherence to strict European regulatory standards, Bybit stands as a dependable choice for traders.

  • Fees: Maker fees are competitively set at 0.01%, with taker fees at 0.06%.
  • Supported Cryptocurrencies: Boasts an extensive selection of over 1,000 digital assets.
  • Regulation & Licensing: Regulated in Europe by CySEC and is available in Denmark with and 180 other countries.
  • DKK Deposit Methods: Offers a range of options including SEPA transfers, bank transfers, debit and credit cards, Google Pay, and 20 other methods.

3. Gate.io

Gate.io claims the third rank as a leading cryptocurrency exchange in Denmark, particularly appealing to altcoin enthusiasts. The platform stands out with its vast selection of more than 1,700 cryptocurrencies, making it a prime choice for Danish traders seeking a wide array of digital assets. Gate.io is recognized for its low trading fees, beginning at just 0.1% for spot trades.

Boasting a significant 24-hour trading volume exceeding $5 billion and a global user base of over 14 million, Gate.io holds a prominent position in the international cryptocurrency landscape. The platform is particularly attractive to users due to unique offerings like automated trading bots and a dedicated startup section, presenting diverse market opportunities. These include exclusive trading events and competitions, catering specifically to the interests of traders.

  • Fees: Gate.io maintains competitive trading fees, starting at 0.1% for maker orders and 0.2% for taker orders.
  • Supported Assets: Features an impressive collection of over 1,700 digital assets.
  • Regulation & Licensing: Based offshore in the Seychelles, Gate.io is not directly licensed in Denmark but remains accessible to Danish traders.
  • DKK Deposit Methods: Supports a variety of deposit options, including local bank transfers, debit cards, credit cards, and others.
Gate.io Denmark

4. Uphold

Uphold stands as a widely accessible cryptocurrency platform, serving over 150 countries with a user base surpassing 10 million. In Denmark, it's distinguished for its broad portfolio of over 250 digital assets, making it an appealing choice for local investors. A key feature of Uphold is its lucrative staking opportunities, allowing investors to earn up to 25% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on a selection of up to 30 cryptocurrencies.

Compliant with European regulations and registered with leading financial bodies, Uphold is a trustworthy option in Denmark. Its dedication to transparency is underscored by its audited proof-of-reserves, ensuring a 1:1 backing for every digital asset. The platform offers a smooth trading experience across web and mobile platforms (iOS and Android).

  • Fees: Trading fees are set at 1% and spread fees also at 1%.
  • Supported Assets: An extensive range of over 250 digital assets, four types of precious metals, and 27 fiat currencies.
  • Regulation & Licensing: Aligns with European regulations and operates in Denmark.
  • DKK Deposit Methods: Bank Transfers, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Credit Card and Debit Card.


MEXC secures its place as the fifth-best cryptocurrency exchange for Danish investors. It stands out with its extensive array of over 300 crypto assets and the option for high-leverage futures trading, offering up to 200x leverage. This feature is especially beneficial for seasoned traders. MEXC, with a license in Estonia and headquarters in Seychelles, adheres to strict regulatory standards, ensuring a secure trading environment.

In Denmark, MEXC meets diverse trading requirements with functionalities like spot and margin trading, staking, and Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs). Its ability to manage over $2 billion in daily trading volume underscores its commitment to market adaptability and user security. MEXC's broad range of trading options, competitive fees, and focus on the user experience establish it as a top choice for traders in the market.

  • Fees: Offers competitive maker fees ranging from 0.020% to 0.060% and taker fees between 0.060% and 0.080%.
  • Supported Assets: Features a wide selection of over 300 cryptocurrencies, including major assets and various altcoins.
  • Regulation & Licensing: Possesses an Estonian license and operates from Seychelles, offering a dual-regulatory framework for users.
  • DKK Deposit Methods: Includes multiple options such as bank transfers, debit and credit cards.

Is Crypto Regulated in Denmark?

In Denmark, cryptocurrency regulation hinges on the classification and usage of digital assets. While the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (DFSA) generally does not regulate cryptocurrencies used as payment, it may apply securities laws to Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) if they resemble Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) or grant decision-making rights over a company's earnings. This classification determines whether cryptocurrency transactions fall under regulations related to investment funds, prospectuses, and anti-money laundering.

As an EU member, Denmark adheres to the EU's Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Regulations, which encompass cryptocurrency transactions. Despite no explicit mention of cryptocurrencies, the "technology-neutral" nature of these laws makes their use for money laundering illegal. Cryptocurrency firms in Denmark must comply with these regulations to avoid legal repercussions, ensuring a balance between innovation and regulatory compliance.

How Is Crypto Taxed in Denmark?

In line with the Danish Tax Authority's guidelines, cryptocurrencies are treated as personal assets. Consequently, the profits derived from their sale and disposal are subjected to income tax. This taxation criterion applies irrespective of whether the cryptocurrency is held for business activities or speculative intentions, with most crypto investments being taxed under the income tax framework.

The taxation regime for cryptocurrency gains in Denmark encompasses national income tax, municipal tax, and labor market tax. For instance, an income up to 500,000 DKK is taxed at the base rate, while earnings above this limit incur an additional tax of 15%. The rate of municipal tax is variable, averaging around 24.982%, and there is a standard labor market tax of 8%. Taking all these factors into account, the average effective tax rate on cryptocurrency income in Denmark is around 37%, though this rate may differ based on the individual's municipality and overall income level.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, our review positions eToro, Bybit, Gate.io, Uphold, and MEXC as leading cryptocurrency exchanges in Denmark. Adhering to Danish and EU regulations, these platforms offer a mix of security, diverse assets, and user-friendly features, addressing the needs of various investors. From retail to institutional investors, these exchanges provide robust options, competitive fees, and adapt to Denmark's regulatory and tax landscape. This guide is a vital tool for investors seeking informed and compliant cryptocurrency investment opportunities.

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