How to Bridge to Arbitrum Nova

The most convenient method for moving ETH from the Ethereum mainnet or Arbitrum L2 to Arbitrum Nova is through the Multichain bridge. Their platform offers fast and cheap token transfers from over 30 different EVM-compatible networks to Arbitrum Nova. Multichain also charges significantly cheaper fees than the official Arbitrum Bridge and has less slippage on transfers of up to 200 ETH.

If you are a beginner to bridging, here is a simple 4-step guide to get started:

  1. Visit Multichain and connect your MetaMask or alternative wallet.
  2. Select Arbitrum Nova as your destination chain.
  3. Select the token you want to bridge and the total amount.
  4. Preview your transaction and click 'Swap'. Your tokens will arrive in under 10 minutes.

What are the Fees to Bridge to Arbitrum Nova?

The fees for bridging to Arbitrum Nova via Multichain stand at 0.003 ETH, which generally covers only the gas expenses for cross-chain fund transfers. Multichain does not impose any extra fees beyond these gas charges. The minimum amount allowed for transfer is 0.004 ETH, while the maximum limit is set at 17,000 ETH.

What is Arbitrum Nova?

Arbitrum Nova is an Arbitrum Rollup or Layer 3 that designed to offer ultra-low transaction costs while maintaining high security. It is specifically tailored for high-volume dApps, including gaming, social projects, and various blockchain use cases. Nova achieves these ultra-low fees through a novel security model that relies on a Data Availability Committee (DAC). This model ensures fast transactions with minimal gas fees compared to Ethereum.

Ideal for game developers, social projects like Reddit's Community Point system, and NFT ecosystems requiring high volumes, Nova is powered by some of the most reputable organizations in both web2 and web3. The platform utilizes Arbitrum's AnyTrust Technology and shares a codebase with Nitro, ensuring industry-leading speed, security, and compatibility with Ethereum.

Bottom Line

In summary, bridging to Arbitrum Nova is a seamless process with the Multichain cross-chain exchange, providing a secure and efficient way to transfer tokens from Ethereum mainnet or Arbitrum L2. Boasting lower fees and minimal slippage, the Multichain platform simplifies token transfers for users, making it ideal for beginners.

Follow our straightforward 4-step guide to begin your journey with Arbitrum Nova and take advantage of this innovative solution for high-volume dApps, unlocking ultra-low transaction costs and robust security features.