How to Revoke Token Permissions

As outlined above, the best way to revoke token permissions is with Their application allows you to connect your wallet and scan all of the token allowances that dapps have with your wallet to easily revoke and change them at the click of a button. An important thing to note is that each revoke will cost a small fee of around 20 cents due to the gas cost.

You can revoke any token permission in seconds with this simple guide:

  1. Visit and connect your wallet.
  2. Find the token allowance you want to revoke and click 'revoke'.
  3. Confirm the transaction and the permission will be removed.
Revoke Token Permissions

How do I Revoke BSC Permissions?

Fortunately for users, Revoke Cash works for all EVM-compatible chains which means you can edit your allowances on BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Arbitrum and other networks.

Why is it Important to Revoke Token Permissions?

Revoking token permissions on a MetaMask wallet is important because it helps protect the user's security and privacy. By revoking unnecessary or unauthorized token permissions, users reduce the potential for fraud, theft, and other malicious activities. Additionally, revoking token permissions helps users maintain control over their funds and the access that dapps and other applications have to their wallet information.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, revoking token permissions is a crucial security measure for MetaMask and other Web 3 wallet users. The Revoke.Cash platform offers a user-friendly, trusted, and efficient way to manage token permissions across Ethereum, BNB Chain, and other EVM networks. By regularly reviewing and revoking outdated or suspicious token allowances, users can significantly reduce the risk of fraud, theft, and maintain control over their digital assets. Don't hesitate to utilize Revoke.Cash and take charge of your wallet's security today.