Can you buy Tether (USDT) in India?

Yes, you can buy Tether (USDT) in India. It is legal to acquire stablecoins, such as Tether, in India, as the nation maintains a regulatory infrastructure that supports cryptocurrency investments. This system comprises specific guidelines from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for exchanges and additional financial regulations, encouraging a secure and transparent landscape for investing in cryptocurrencies, including the procurement of stablecoins like Tether (USDT).

How to Buy USDT in India

As mentioned previously, the most straightforward approach to buying USDT is through a Reserve Bank of India (RBI) compliant cryptocurrency exchange in India. With this method, investors can deposit INR using bank transfers, UPI, debit cards, and other methods to securely purchase Tether and various digital assets or stablecoins.

To help you begin, here's an easy 4-step guide with our recommended platform, Binance:

  1. Sign up to the Binance platform and verify your account.
  2. Select 'Trade' and the 'P2P' option in the navigation menu, then select 'Express'.
  3. Select INR as the currency you want to deposit and USDT as the token you want to buy.
  4. Input the amount of INR you want to convert to USDT and execute your trade.
Buy USDT in India
Buy USDT in India with INR.

What are the INR to USDT Fees?

INR to USDT fees vary depending on the cryptocurrency exchange. Fees typically include deposit, trading, and withdrawal charges. Deposit fees depend on the payment method, while trading fees usually range between 0.1% to 0.5%. Withdrawal fees differ across platforms. It's crucial to understand your chosen exchange's fee structure. We recommend Binance for its competitive fees, including 0 INR deposit fees and low trading fees.

Is USDT Safe to Own in India?

Yes, USDT is generally safe to own in India, as the nation maintains a regulatory framework that accommodates cryptocurrencies. The primary risk lies with the company behind USDT, Tether Limited, which is an off-shore entity and has faced compliance issues in the past, warranting user caution.

Besides this, it is crucial to choose an exchange that is regulated, trustworthy, and possesses robust security measures. Additionally, consider using a reputable hardware or software wallet to store your USDT for enhanced security.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, purchasing Tether (USDT) in India is a viable option, thanks to the nation's supportive regulatory framework. Binance, an RBI-compliant exchange, is our recommended platform for its competitive fees and user-friendly experience. However, it is essential to exercise caution due to the risks associated with Tether Limited, and prioritize secure exchanges and wallets for a safe investment experience.