How to Get Scroll Testnet Tokens

How to Get Scroll Testnet Tokens

A simple guide on how to get Scroll Testnet Tokens to use applications on the Scroll Alpha Testnet.

Summary: There is no way to directly get Scroll Testnet Tokens on the Scroll Alpha testnet. Instead, users will need to acquire Goerli ETH on the Goerli Testnet and then bridge those tokens to Scroll Alpha using the bridge.

You can continue reading our in-depth guide below for a step-by-step breakdown on how to get started.

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How to Get Scroll Testnet Tokens from Faucet

As outlined above, there is no Scroll Faucet that allows users to directly get 'Scroll' tokens to test applications on the Alpha Testnet. This is because the Alpha Testnet is built using Ethereum's Goerli Testnet and uses Goerli ETH as gas on the platform. To that end, users will need to get Goerli ETH tokens and bridge them to the network to test Scroll-based applications and earn eligibility for their upcoming airdrop.

Here is a simple 4-step guide to help you get started.

  1. Acquire Goerli ETH Tokens from the Goerli Faucet (you can read our guide for more information).
  2. Visit the Scroll Bridge and connect your wallet.
  3. Input the amount of Goerli ETH you want to send from the Goerli Testnet to the Alpha Scroll Testnet.
  4. Click 'Send ETH to Scroll Alpha Testnet' and the tokens will arrive in your wallet in under 5 minutes.
Get Scroll Testnet Tokens

What are the Fees to Get Scroll Testnet Tokens?

The fees to get testnet tokens on the Scroll Alpha testnet are very low because acquiring Goerli ETH from the faucet is completely free and the bridging costs are less than $1. Further, transactions on the Scroll Alpha testnet are free because it is a testnet, so users can freely test their applications without worrying about high gas costs.

What can I do with Scroll Testnet ETH?

The only application that is currently deployed on the Scroll Alpha testnet is UniSwap V3. This means that users can swap and provide liquidity to testnet pools on Scroll. We recommend that users complete both of these actions to get the maximum amount of points for the Scroll ZKP airdrop that is expected to be released in 2023.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, acquiring Scroll Testnet Tokens requires users to first obtain Goerli ETH on the Goerli Testnet and then bridge those tokens to the Scroll Alpha Testnet using the Scroll Bridge. This process is both simple and inexpensive, with low fees and free transactions on the testnet. By participating, users can test applications like UniSwap V3 and potentially earn eligibility for the upcoming Scroll ZKP airdrop.

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