MetaMask Snaps Explained

MetaMask Snaps Explained

Discover MetaMask Snaps, the innovative way to expand your wallet's capabilities across various blockchains with security and ease.

Summary: MetaMask Snaps are JavaScript plugins that extend your MetaMask wallet's functionalities, enabling interactions with not just Ethereum but also other non-EVM blockchains. They run in a secure, isolated environment to ensure safety. However, since Snaps can be third-party creations, it's crucial to install only from reputable sources. The supported chains are diverse, from Aptos to Bitcoin, with many more applications launched daily.

MetaMask Snaps
5.0 out of 5.0 by Datawallet
MetaMask Snaps extend the capabilities of your MetaMask wallet, allowing seamless interactions not only with Ethereum but also with non-EVM chains, thereby broadening your blockchain experience.
Supported Networks
Cosmos, Solana, Bitcoin and other non-EVM chains.
Wallet Audits
Extensive audits conducted by ConsenSys Diligence.
Free to use and compatible with all MetaMask Wallets.

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What is MetaMask Snaps?

MetaMask Snaps serve as plugins that enhance your MetaMask wallet with specialized functions, developed by external programmers. They're not just limited to the Ethereum network, Snaps can also interact with non-EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) chains, broadening the range of blockchain ecosystems you can access directly from MetaMask. 

This means you can manage assets, execute transactions, or even utilize smart contracts on various blockchains, all while maintaining a secure and isolated environment within your MetaMask wallet. Snaps are designed to run in a secure, sandboxed environment, ensuring they do not compromise the safety of your MetaMask account.

MetaMask Snaps

How do Snaps Work?

MetaMask Snaps are JavaScript programs that operate within a secure, isolated execution environment. This open-source system allows for the safe extension of MetaMask's functionality, enabling new web3 experiences. Key features of MetaMask Snaps include:

  1. Permissions: Snaps start with no capabilities and must request specific permissions from the user upon installation. These can include network access, data storage within MetaMask, or UI interaction capabilities.
  2. APIs: Snaps communicate with MetaMask using the Snaps API and selected MetaMask JSON-RPC API methods, allowing them to extend or modify MetaMask's functionality. Snaps can also implement their own custom JSON-RPC APIs for communication with dapps and other Snaps.
  3. User Interface: Users can manage Snaps through MetaMask's settings page, viewing manifest data, execution status, and toggling enable/disable status. Currently, Snaps primarily rely on companion dapps to present data to users, with limited UI interaction within MetaMask itself.
  4. Lifecycle: Snaps activate in response to messages or events and shut down when idle. MetaMask can also force shutdown of a Snap if it becomes unresponsive, based on specific criteria like prolonged inactivity or excessive processing time for a request.

Overall, MetaMask Snaps significantly enhance the functionality of the MetaMask wallet, allowing for a more diverse set of protocols, dapps, and services.

What Chains Support MetaMask Snaps?

MetaMask Snaps is revolutionizing the way users engage with diverse blockchain ecosystems. This innovative platform extends its support to a broad spectrum of blockchains and protocols, enhancing the versatility and user experience. Among the supported chains, some stand out due to their unique features and integration:

  • Mina Protocol: Accessed through the MinaPortal Snap, it offers streamlined interactions with its succinct blockchain.
  • Starknet: Utilizing the ConsenSys Snap, Starknet's layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum becomes more accessible.
  • NEAR Protocol: The @near-snap/plugin allows for seamless integration with NEAR's scalable, developer-friendly platform.
  • Solana: With the Solflare Wallet, users can tap into Solana's high-performance blockchain for decentralized apps and crypto trading.
  • Cosmos: The @leapwallet/metamask-cosmos-snap and @cosmsnap/snap make it easier to connect with Cosmos' interchain ecosystem.
  • Algorand: Via the @algorandfoundation/algorand-metamask-snap, users can explore Algorand's efficient, secure blockchain.
  • Bitcoin and Other Chains: The ShapeShift Multichain Snap broadens the scope, incorporating Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and others into MetaMask's interface.

MetaMask Snaps isn't limited to just blockchain interactions. It also delves into advanced fields like decentralized identity and zero-knowledge-proof technology, with tools like Masca, EthSign Keychain, and RariMe enhancing security and privacy.

To fully appreciate the expansive capabilities of MetaMask Snaps, we recommend visiting the MetaMask Snaps App Store. Here, users can explore a comprehensive range of plugins and extensions, each designed to enrich the blockchain experience.

MetaMask Snaps chains

How to Deploy a MetaMask Snap

To deploy a MetaMask Snap, you'll need to set up a development environment, write the Snap using JavaScript and MetaMask's SDK, and then test it locally. Once it's working as expected, you'll bundle your Snap into a JavaScript file, upload it to a public server, and configure MetaMask for user installations. 

For a detailed step-by-step guide, developers should refer to the official MetaMask Snaps documentation for instructions

Are Snaps Safe?

The safety of MetaMask Snaps largely depends on the code quality and intentions of the developers who created them. MetaMask itself takes security seriously and offers a platform designed with security measures, but Snaps are third-party extensions and could potentially introduce vulnerabilities or malicious behavior. Therefore, it's important to only install Snaps from reputable sources and to be cautious when granting them permissions.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, MetaMask Snaps represent a significant leap forward in enhancing blockchain interaction and accessibility within the MetaMask ecosystem. By providing a secure, sandboxed environment for third-party plugins, Snaps not only broaden the scope of blockchain networks accessible via MetaMask but also offer advanced functionalities like decentralized identity and privacy features. While they open up a world of possibilities for both users and developers, it is crucial to approach Snap installation with caution, prioritizing security by choosing reliable sources and carefully managing permissions.

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