How to Bridge from Polygon to Arbitrum

Step 1: Get a Supported Wallet

Before the bridging process, it is pivotal that you use a wallet that is supported by the protocol. These include; MetaMask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, Binance Smart Chain Wallet and Trust wallet. You can get these wallets on your mobile app stores or the chrome web store. For this guide, we recommend using MetaMask.

Step 2: Add the Arbitrum Network

Since we are bridging from Polygon to Arbitrum, we would need to add the network (Arbitrum) to our MetaMask wallet. This can easily be done with Chainlist. Chainlist provides a list of all EVM  mainnets and testnets, making it easier to get the Chain ID of any network. Simply connect your MetaMask to the website, search for Arbitrum and add to your wallet. This should take a few minutes.

Add Networks via Chainlist.

Step 3: Go to Synapse

Now you are to bridge our assets from Polygon to Arbitrum. First, you visit Synapse protocol, then connect to Metamask (or any other supported wallet of your choice). Carefully select the network you want to send from and that you wish to transfer to. Relatively, we would choose Polygon as the network we will transfer from, and Arbitrum as the destination network.

Synapse Polygon to Arbitrum
Bridge between Polygon and Arbitrum via Synapse.


Step 4: Bridge your Asset to Polygon

Input the desired amount of tokens you want to transfer from Polygon to Arbitrum in the number field. Click Bridge Token and confirm the transaction. The bridging process should take a few seconds to a minute.

Polygon to Arbitrum Bridging Fees

Synapse protocol charges its users a bridging fee of $20 when transferring assets from Polygon to the Arbitrum network. Compared to other bridges (including Arbitrum Bridge), Synapse’s fees remain the cheapest for these networks.

Is Synapse Protocol Safe?

Synapse has been audited by multiple cyber-security firms and is constantly being monitored by its core team. In November 2021, the team successfully prevented a potential $8 million hack and since then the protocol has grown into a $10 billion in bridged volume. In essence, Synapse protocol has proven to be a secure and efficient bridge that allows users to frictionlessly transfer assets across different networks.

Final Thoughts

At the heart of DeFi, bridges play an important role in blockchain interoperability. When it comes to what bridge you should use, there are certain things you should consider like security, UI/UX, fees, speed and usability. Synapse ticks all criteria and stands as one of the best bridging protocols there is. Start using Synapse today.