What is NetMind?

What is NetMind?

Learn how NetMind Power and NMT transform idle global GPU resources into an advanced platform for democratizing AI development.

Summary: NetMind leverages underutilized global GPU resources through its NetMind Power platform, a decentralized computing solution to reduce the high costs and central control typical in AI model development.

Backed by the NetMind Chain, which uses a Proof of Authority consensus for efficient operation, NetMind enhances security and transparency. Its ecosystem is powered by the NetMind Token (NMT), which not only facilitates transactions but also incentivizes participation and governance.

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What is NetMind?

NetMind is an AI research and software entity that has developed the NetMind Power platform, a decentralized computing solution to overcome high computational costs and the centralized control of computing resources. This platform, which is a competitor to Bittensor, leverages underutilized GPU resources from users around the world for AI and ML training, fine-tuning, and inference tasks.

The core objective of NetMind is to democratize access to computational power to facilitate innovation in AI model development across various organizations. By creating a network of distributed computing resources, NetMind Power ensures affordability, efficiency, and management in distributed deep learning, striving to create a fair competitive landscape for entities of all sizes.

What is NetMind?

How Does NetMind Work?

NetMind operates by harnessing decentralized computing power through a network of individual GPU resources made available by users globally. This collaborative approach enables the execution of machine learning and AI computations without reliance on centralized data centers. Here’s a breakdown of how it functions technically:

  • Decentralized Network: Leverages a global network of volunteered and idle GPUs, allowing users from anywhere to contribute their computing resources.
  • Training and Inference Platforms: Features dedicated platforms for AI model training and inference tasks, harnessing the distributed computing power for efficient processing.
  • Resource Allocation: Employs an intelligent scheduling system that dynamically assigns AI training and inference tasks to the most suitable GPUs available, optimizing for factors like computational power and network latency.
  • Security Protocols: Implements advanced security measures, including encryption and secure multi-party computation, to protect data privacy and integrity across the network.
  • Incentive Mechanism: Distributes NetMind Tokens (NMT) as incentives for users who contribute their GPU resources, encouraging continued participation and support of the network infrastructure.
  • Governance and Staking: This feature allows token holders to participate in governance decisions through staking mechanisms, influencing the platform's operational and strategic directions.

This structure not only supports the technical demands of modern AI applications but also promotes a more equitable distribution of computing resources across participants.

NetMind Power

NetMind Chain?

NetMind Chain is the underlying blockchain that supports the decentralized computing platform NetMind Power. It is designed to facilitate and govern all transactions and operations within the network, such as training and inference processes on distributed GPUs. Built on Ethereum, it employs a Proof of Authority (POA) consensus mechanism, which allows for efficient and low-cost maintenance of the network. 

NetMind Chain uses smart contracts to manage tasks like resource allocation, reward distribution, and governance, ensuring transparency and security. The chain also supports the NetMind Token (NMT), which is used both as a payment method within the platform and as a reward for contributors, making it central to the network's economic and operational aspects.

NetMind Token (NMT) Tokenomics

NetMind Token (NMT) serves as the essential utility token of the NetMind Power platform, which focuses on decentralized AI model training and inference. NMT facilitates transaction payments and rewards participants who lend idle GPU power, enhancing the platform's functionality and promoting wider network engagement. 

Additionally, NMT is critical for governance within the NetMind Chain, the blockchain that supports this ecosystem. Through mechanisms such as staking and voting, token holders are empowered to influence governance decisions and bolster the platform's security and efficiency.

NMT has a total supply of 10 billion tokens.These tokens are strategically released over time to support various activities and stakeholder engagements within the platform. The key aspects of NMT tokenomics include:

  • Reward Allocation: 40% of the tokens are reserved for those providing computational power, distributed over 100 years with decreasing annual percentages to sustain long-term participation.
  • Staking Incentives: 30% is allocated for staking, with incentives particularly high for staking against the top 21 Master Nodes, promoting network security and engagement.
  • Community and Governance: 20% is dedicated to the NetMind DAO for community governance and decision-making, enhancing the decentralized nature of the platform.
  • Development Funds: 10% are allocated to the technical team to ensure ongoing development and support, released gradually to align team incentives with platform longevity.

These elements ensure a balanced distribution of tokens, encouraging both immediate participation and long-term sustainability. This structured release mechanism aims to support the platform's growth and the widespread adoption of its decentralized computing services.

NetMind Token (NMT) Tokenomics

NetMind Governance

NetMind DAO is the governance arm of the NetMind ecosystem, embodying principles of decentralization by enabling the community to steer project development through democratic decision-making. 

Managing 20% of the NMT supply, the DAO allocates funds for community-approved initiatives, oversees strategic partnerships, and conducts elections for the platform's 21 master nodes. NMT tokens are central to this process, providing voting rights, accessing GPU services, and rewarding contributors. 

This structure ensures transparency and community participation, with every decision and transaction verifiable on the NetMind Chain, facilitating an inclusive approach to governance where all NMT holders can propose and vote on platform developments.

Bottom Line

NetMind leverages global GPU resources to democratize AI computational power via its platform, NetMind Power, backed by its own blockchain called NetMind Chain. It is the second largest decentralized GPU provider in crypto, behind the powerhouse Bittensor.

The NetMind Token (NMT) facilitates transactions and rewards within the ecosystem, encouraging user engagement and governance participation. This structure ensures cost-effective resource distribution and supports a community-driven governance model through the NetMind DAO.

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