What is Neutron?

What is Neutron?

Discover Neutron's role in enhancing the Cosmos ecosystem with secure Smart Contract integration and dynamic cross-chain capabilities.

Summary: Neutron is a blockchain network enhancing the Cosmos ecosystem with Smart Contract integration through CosmWasm, focusing on security and interconnectivity. It incorporates advanced Interchain capabilities for decentralized applications, guided by the innovative Neutron DAO and a solid tokenomics of $NTRN. 

Established by industry veteran Avril Duthiel and backed by significant investments, Neutron is committed to advancing smart contract functionality and cross-chain interoperability within the Cosmos network.

Neutron Overview
5.0 out of 5.0 by Datawallet
Neutron is a blockchain network that integrates Smart Contracts into the Cosmos ecosystem using CosmWasm and IBC protocol for enhanced security and interconnectivity.
Key Innovations
Interchain Queries enables a united hub for DeFi on Cosmos.
NTRN Tokenomics
1 Billion supply with deflationary token mechanics (network revenue is burned).
Avril Duthiel with support from the Lido team.

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What is Neutron?

Neutron is a blockchain network tailored for integrating Smart Contracts into the Cosmos ecosystem through CosmWasm, utilizing the IBC protocol for robust interconnectivity. It derives its security strength from the Cosmos Hub, utilizing Interchain Security to leverage an established validator set, enhancing trust and reliability. Built on the Cosmos SDK, Neutron emphasizes modularity and secure application development, making it an ideal platform for a wide range of decentralized applications.

Key to its offering are features like Interchain Queries and Transactions, which allow for the creation of complex, interconnected dApps. Current applications thriving on Neutron include Astroport, decentralized exchange services, and Mars Protocol, offering innovative lending solutions.

These applications benefit from Neutron's advanced capabilities, such as enhanced scalability and efficiency, as well as the ability to tap into broader functionalities beyond their native virtual machine environments.

What is Neutron

How do Interchain Queries Work?

Interchain Queries and Transactions are essential components of Neutron, enabling smart contracts to interact and transact across different blockchain networks. Interchain Queries allow for the retrieval of data from remote chains, ensuring smart contracts have access to the necessary information for decision-making. Interchain Transactions facilitate actions across networks, like executing transactions or managing accounts, broadening the capabilities of decentralized applications.

Here’s a simplified overview of how each component works:

  • Interchain Queries (ICQs): They enable secure data retrieval from other chains, crucial for applications needing external information, such as price feeds or asset verification. The data's integrity is always verified, ensuring reliability and accuracy in operations.
  • Interchain Transactions (ICTs): These allow Neutron's smart contracts to execute transactions or manage resources on foreign chains, using Interchain Accounts for control. This feature extends the operational scope and efficiency of Neutron-based applications, promoting trustless and expansive cross-chain interactions.

What is the Neutron DAO?

The Neutron DAO is an innovative governance system for the network, using specialized DAO DAO contracts for flexibility. It comprises a central Neutron DAO and various subDAOs, each playing a role in network governance. This setup enables diverse proposal types, controlled through specific contracts, and allows for dynamic management with admin capabilities.

Key to its structure is the Voting Power Registry, coordinating with various vaults to calculate member voting power, with the Neutron Vault notably allowing for straightforward NTRN token management. The DAO also features overrule proposals and subDAOs with timelocks, ensuring governance is both adaptable and timely. This layered and responsive approach demonstrates Neutron's commitment to decentralized, community-led governance, simplifying participation while maintaining comprehensive control.

Neutron Tokenomics

Neutron's tokenomics are built around its native token, $NTRN, which has a total supply capped at 1 billion tokens, with no further inflation. This finite supply underscores the token's value and utility within the ecosystem. Revenue primarily comes from transaction fees, part of which secures the network, while the rest are either burned or reserved, promoting a sustainable economic model.

The distribution of the 1 billion $NTRN tokens is categorized as follows:

  • Founders: These tokens are locked for one year and then released linearly over three years. Importantly, they have no voting power during the lock period.
  • Early Backers: Similar to founders' tokens, these are locked for a year and then unlocked linearly over three years, with the distinction of having voting power even during the lock period.
  • Community: Allocated through airdrops and launch events, these tokens have a 3-month unlocking period and optional lock-up, accompanied by voting power.
  • Neutron DAO: Held in the DAO’s Reserve and Treasury, these tokens are mostly liquid but require majority voter approval for usage or transfer.

With this distribution strategy, the initial circulating supply of $NTRN is approximately 66%, split between the community and the team. The token's utility spans governance, transaction facilitation, and as a staple asset in DeFi activities within the Neutron network, reflecting its comprehensive role and the community's vested interest in its success and governance.

Neutron Team

Neutron was founded in early 2023 by Avril Duthiel, previously associated with Lido DAO. The project quickly gained traction with strong backing from notable investors including Binance Labs, CoinFund, Delphi Ventures, and others, accumulating $10 million in funding. This substantial support reflects confidence in Neutron's potential to advance the Cosmos ecosystem, providing solutions for smart contract security, neutrality, and cross-chain interoperability.

Bottom Line

In sum, Neutron is a formidable layer 1 network, enhancing the Cosmos ecosystem through secure and modular Smart Contract integration. Its robust Interchain capabilities, governed effectively by the Neutron DAO and underpinned by a strategic tokenomics model, position it as a key innovator in decentralized finance. 

Supported by a visionary team and robust backing, Neutron is geared to advance smart contract functionality and cross-chain interactions, marking a significant stride in blockchain technology and offering a scalable, secure platform for various applications.

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