Summary: Orderly Network, a pioneering modular framework, is revolutionizing decentralized finance by enabling developers to efficiently pool liquidity for building spot and perpetual futures exchanges. 

Its modular stack, featuring Celestia for data availability, Optimism's OP Stack, and omnichain capabilities through LayerZero, is designed to facilitate seamless cross-chain trading. This innovation is not just enhancing liquidity access but is also setting the stage for a more integrated and fluid DeFi ecosystem.

What is Orderly Network?

Orderly Network is a new chain that acts as an infrastructure layer enabling the pooling of liquidity for decentralized trading platforms. Without offering a direct user interface, it underpins the construction of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) by facilitating the integration of spot and perpetual futures markets. This approach provides application developers with the foundation to incorporate trading functionalities into their platforms, speeding up the development process.

At its heart, Orderly Network simplifies access to aggregated liquidity for developers, facilitating the rapid deployment of trading applications with robust liquidity. Orderly's vision expands towards becoming an omnichain protocol, merging EVM and non-EVM chains into a unified orderbook. This future direction aims to ease cross-chain transactions and foster a more interconnected and efficient DeFi ecosystem.

How Does Orderly Network Work?

Orderly Network operates through a modular architecture built on NEAR designed to aggregate and simplify liquidity across blockchain networks. At the core of its operation is the Orderly Settlement Layer, an application-specific blockchain (app-chain) built on the Optimism Stack (OP Stack). This settlement layer centralizes liquidity into a single order book, making it accessible across various blockchains.

Key components of Orderly Network include:

  • Orderly App Chain: Powers the Omnichain Settlement Layer, focusing on efficient transaction settlements across different chains.
  • LayerZero: Manages communication across Orderly's Settlement Layer, ensuring seamless and verifiable transactions and balances across networks, enhancing the omnichain experience.
  • Omnichain SDK: Significantly reduces DApp development time, enabling developers to go from months of work to just weeks, a major attraction for developers.
  • Celestia: Recently integrated as a data availability network to aid in scaling the project while keeping costs low, ensuring efficient and economical operations.
  • Shared Orderbook: Facilitated by LayerZero and Celestia, this allows for a unified liquidity pool across all blockchains, underpinned by the Optimism Stack.

These technologies collectively enable Orderly Network to offer less than 200ms latency for high-frequency trading, combining the benefits of decentralized finance (DeFi) such as self-custody, on-chain orders, and full transparency.

What Applications Use Orderly Network?

Orderly Network integrates with EVM and non-EVM blockchain ecosystems, supporting popular layer 2 chains like Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon PoS, and the non-EVM NEAR Protocol.

Diverse applications utilize Orderly Network, reflecting its wide acceptance across the DeFi space. On the EVM side, WOOFi PRO and LogX Pro are key users, demonstrating Orderly’s capability to power sophisticated trading platforms. 

For the NEAR Protocol, integrations with REF Finance, Jump DeFi, and BTSE DEX highlight Orderly’s versatility and its critical role in advancing DeFi applications.

What Applications Use Orderly Network?

Orderly Network Airdrop

Orderly Network has launched The Road to The Order, which is a gamified airdrop campaign allowing traders to earn "Merits" for a chance to win Orderly Network tokens. This initiative is part of Orderly's approach to decentralized governance, rewarding community engagement and contributions. 

Eligibility for the token airdrop extends to early community members and those who have made EVM and NEAR trades before the campaign's launch.

Who Founded Orderly Network?

Orderly Network springs from the collective genius of founders keen on bridging the best of centralized and decentralized finance to solve the liquidity puzzle in trading. The team includes Ran Yi, the driving force as Co-founder and CEO, and Terence Ng, the technical mastermind as Co-founder and CTO, with Arjun Arora steering operations as COO and Audrey Yang guiding growth strategies as CGO.

The team's vision extends to creating an omnichain platform where blockchain specifics become irrelevant to users, focusing instead on smooth, decentralized transactions. Orderly's ambitious project is backed by prominent investors such as Pantera, GSR, Dragonfly Capital, Jump Crypto, and Sequoia Capital China, underlining its potential to redefine liquidity in DeFi.

Bottom Line

In closing, Orderly Network is revolutionizing decentralized trading by making it easier for developers to pool liquidity and quickly launch DEXs. By blending EVM and non-EVM chains into one unified orderbook, it's simplifying cross-chain trades and pushing the DeFi ecosystem toward more seamless integration and connectivity.

Dreamed up by an ambitious team and backed by heavyweight investors, Orderly's initiatives like The Road to The Order airdrop highlight its dedication to shaking up finance through community-driven governance. As it moves forward, Orderly is on track to change how liquidity is accessed, ensuring a smoother onchain trading experience.