Best Stock Trading Platforms in the UAE

Best Stock Trading Platforms in the UAE

Uncover the best stock trading platforms in the UAE, offering diverse assets, competitive fees, and top-notch regulatory compliance.

Summary: The United Arab Emirates is a strong and well-regulated hub for equity investments, carefully monitored by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) and the ADGM. These authorities ensure a safe and reliable environment for investors, who can easily make transactions in Dirhams (AED) using bank transfers, credit cards, and digital services to buy shares and ETFs.

Our expert team has thoroughly evaluated various stock trading platforms in the UAE, identifying the top five that are excellent in aiding efficient investment management.

  1. ‍eToro - Best Stock Trading Platform in the UAE
  2. ‍Interactive Brokers - Top Choice for CFDs Trading
  3. ADSS - Best Dubai-based Stock Platform
  4. DEGIRO - Excellent Alternative Trading Platform‍‍
  5. Plus500 - Good Option for Institutional Investors
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Best Stock Platform in the UAE
5.0 out of 5.0 by Datawallet.
eToro leads as the top stock investing platform in the UAE due to its fast, low-cost AED deposits, diverse asset range, user-friendly interface, and robust customer support in Arabic.
AED Deposit Methods
Bank Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card and more.
Supported Assets
4,500 Stocks, ETFs, Commodities and more.
Licensing and Regulation
Licensed by the ADGM and other tier-1 regulators.

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Best Stock Brokers in the UAE

In our thorough search for top stock trading platforms and apps in the United Arab Emirates, we've implemented a rigorous evaluation method. Our analysis examines several essential factors including compliance with the strict regulations of the UAE's Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA), cost efficiency of services, the variety of assets available, the simplicity of depositing Dirhams (AED), and the availability of support in Arabic. Our research identifies a range of platforms, each uniquely prepared to meet the  needs of investors.

1. eToro

eToro ranks as the premier stock trading platform in the UAE, boasting a diverse portfolio of over 4,500 assets including stocks, ETFs, and commodities. The platform's dedication to security and reliability shines through its compliance with strict tier-1 regulatory standards, earning the trust of its 30 million users. With innovative social trading features like Copy Trading, a straightforward interface, and strong mobile apps, eToro is highly favored by both new and seasoned traders in the region.

The platform is designed to meet the specific needs of the UAE market with competitive spreads and a low 1% fee structure, boosting its attractiveness. eToro offers a range of easy deposit options, focusing on investor convenience. This attention to helpful features, combined with eToro's solid reputation for regulatory adherence, solidifies its status as the top trading platform in the UAE.

  • Fees: Zero trading fees, nominal spread that averages around 1%.
  • Assets: Access to more than 4,500 stocks, ETFs, commodities, and currencies. Also offers up to 5.3% APY on deposits.
  • Regulation: Complies with rigorous international regulatory standards and has receive in-principle license from Abu Dhabi Global Market Authority (ADGM).
  • AED Deposit Methods: Supports various methods including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and digital wallets.
eToro UAE

2. Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers earns its place as a leading choice among UAE’s stock trading platforms, offering access to over 100 global markets with a diverse selection of stocks and ETFs. The platform's adherence to the stringent regulations of both the UAE's Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) and the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) ensures a secure and compliant trading environment for its users.

With a notable offering of a 4.59% APY on uninvested Dirham (AED) balances, Interactive Brokers outshines many local banks, such as Emirates NBD and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. Designed for experienced investors, the platform excels with its advanced trading tools, rapid execution, and detailed market insights. Its competitive fees and swift trading facilities make it an optimal choice for seasoned traders.

  • Fees: Competitive low commissions and spreads ranging from 1% to 1.5%.
  • Assets: Broad access to over 100 global markets with more than 2,500 assets.
  • Regulation: Compliant with regulations set by the SCA and the UK's FCA.
  • AED Deposit Methods: Includes options like Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards.
Interactive Brokers


Securing the third spot in the UAE's top trading platforms, ADSS offers an expansive range of over 10,000 CFD markets, covering forex, commodities, shares, indices, and more. This platform is meticulously regulated by the Central Bank of the UAE, ensuring it operates within the confines of local financial regulations for a secure trading environment.

ADSS is renowned for its user-friendly platforms, OREX and MetaTrader 4, both of which are equipped with advanced trading tools and technology for swift trade execution. Catering to all levels of traders, from beginners to the more seasoned, ADSS provides a tailored trading experience. It's known for its wide access to global markets, competitive spreads, and cutting-edge technology, marking it as a top recommendation for investors in the UAE.

  • Fees: No upfront fees with spreads ranging from 1.2% to 1.8%.
  • Assets: Access to a diverse range of over 10,000 markets including forex, commodities, shares, and indices.
  • Regulation: Stringently licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of the UAE.
  • AED Deposit Methods: Includes Bank Wire Transfer, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and various digital payment options.


DEGIRO solidifies its position as the fourth-best trading platform in the UAE, celebrated for its transparent pricing and a broad spectrum of over 2,500 stocks and ETFs. The platform is licensed by the UAE's Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA), reflecting its dedication to adhering to strict regulatory standards. DEGIRO's ability to access local and international markets offers investors expansive investment opportunities.

The platform is renowned for its intuitive design, making it suitable for investors of all experience levels, coupled with comprehensive market data for informed decision-making. DEGIRO balances cost-effectiveness and a wide range of investment options, making it a popular choice among traders in the UAE. Additionally, the company's public listing as flatexDEGIRO AG adds an extra layer of security and regulatory compliance.

  • Fees: Commission-free with competitive spreads around 1%.
  • Assets: Over 2,500 assets, including stocks, ETFs, and commodities across 50 markets.
  • Regulation: Regulated by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA) of UAE.
  • AED Deposit Methods: Offers various options like Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, and digital payment platforms.

5. Plus500

Plus500 completes the list of top five trading platforms in the UAE, distinguished by its robust and user-friendly interface that caters to new and seasoned traders. Under the vigilant regulation of the UAE's Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA), Plus500 upholds high standards of security and compliance, providing a trustworthy trading environment.

Offering access to an impressive array of over 2,800 financial instruments, including stocks, forex, commodities, ETFs, and indices, Plus500's proprietary platform is lauded for its advanced trading tools, efficient risk management features, and support for the Arabic language. A notable aspect of Plus500 is providing a free demo account, enabling beginners to acquaint themselves with the platform and practice trading strategies without financial risk.

  • Fees: Offers competitive spreads between 1% and 2%, with a no-commission structure.
  • Assets: A comprehensive selection of over 2,800 instruments, including stocks, forex, and ETFs, with up to 30x leverage available.
  • Regulation: Regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), license number F005651.
  • AED Deposit Methods: Supports a variety of methods, including Bank Transfer, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and multiple digital payment options.
Plus500 UAE

How are Stock Brokers Regulated in the UAE?

In the UAE, the regulation of stock brokers and trading platforms is stringently enforced by the Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA). The SCA plays a crucial role in protecting investors, ensuring market transparency, and upholding fair practices. For brokers in financial-free zones like the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) also provides oversight.

The trading platforms recommended for investors in the UAE adhere to the standards set by the SCA and, where applicable, the DFSA. This adherence ensures they meet the stringent requirements of financial conduct and investor protection integral to the UAE's regulatory framework. Such robust oversight fosters a secure and trustworthy trading environment, enhancing investor confidence and contributing to the stability of the markets.

How are Capital Gains Taxed in the UAE?

In the UAE, capital gains on stocks are not taxed separately but are included as part of the overall taxable income under the UAE Corporate Tax (CT) Law. The starting point for calculating taxable income is the accounting net profit or loss as reported in a business's standalone financial statements, with specific adjustments made as prescribed by the law. Both resident and non-resident entities or individuals are subject to this law, with residents taxed on worldwide income and non-residents on UAE-sourced income or income attributable to a Permanent Establishment in the UAE.

The tax rate on taxable income, including capital gains, is either 0% or 9%, depending on the circumstances. Additionally, taxpayers who prepare financial statements on an accrual basis can opt to recognize gains and losses on a realization basis, meaning unrealized gains or losses are not taxable or deductible until realized.

How to Buy Stocks in the United Arab Emirates

Starting stock trading in the United Arab Emirates is a structured and rewarding process, especially for beginners or those refining their skills in the UAE's vibrant stock market. Here's a streamlined guide:

  1. Understand the Fundamentals: Begin by learning the essentials of investing and risk management, with a focus on the UAE's market.
  2. Set Your Goals: Clearly identify your investment objectives, be it long-term growth, income, or capital gains. This step is crucial for shaping your investment strategy.
  3. Select a Suitable Broker: Choose a UAE-based trading platform that matches your requirements, considering fees, available assets, and user experience.
  4. Account Registration: Create an account on your chosen platform, completing the necessary identity verification in line with regulations.
  5. Fund Your Account: Deposit funds into your account, using accepted methods such as bank transfers and credit card payments.
  6. Conduct Research: Utilize your platform's tools to research and analyze stocks that align with your strategy.
  7. Begin Trading: Initiate trading with market or limit orders, and regularly monitor your investments to adapt to market changes.

Following these steps and staying informed about market trends will equip you to navigate the stock market effectively.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, our in-depth analysis of stock trading platforms in the UAE reveals that each platform offers unique advantages to meet the specific needs of investors in the region. From eToro's vast asset range and social trading features to Interactive Brokers' global market access, ADSS's comprehensive CFD markets, DEGIRO's transparent pricing, and Plus500's robust interface, these platforms ensure a diverse and tailored trading experience.

Upholding the stringent regulations of the UAE's Securities and Commodities Authority and, where applicable, the Dubai Financial Services Authority, they provide a secure and compliant trading environment. This rigorous regulation, along with the varied offerings of these platforms, positions them as top choices for investors looking to engage in the UAE's dynamic stock market.

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