How to Buy Boston Dynamics Stocks

How to Buy Boston Dynamics Stocks

Find out if you can buy Boston Dynamics stocks and explore other promising robotics companies for investment.

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Summary: Boston Dynamics, known for its advanced, agile robots, remains a privately held company, with over 80% of its shares owned by Hyundai Motor Group. Currently, there are no public shares available and no immediate plans for an IPO.

For those interested in investing in robotics, alternatives such as Hyundai Motor Group and the ARK Autonomous Tech & Robotics ETF provide viable options to get exposure to this emerging sector.

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Can I Buy Boston Dynamics Stocks?

Currently, Boston Dynamics is privately held, meaning its shares are not available for public purchase. The company, founded by Marc Raibert, specializes in developing highly agile and skilled robots, including their main products, Spot and Stretch.

Boston Dynamics receives its primary financial support from private investors, most notably Hyundai Motor Group which owns over 80% of the company. The company's advanced technology and prospects in robotics and AI attract significant attention from investors. Financial analysts are watching Boston Dynamics closely for any signs that it might plan an Initial Public Offering (IPO) soon.

Buy Boston Dynamics Stocks or Shares?

Will Boston Dynamics IPO?

Currently, Boston Dynamics hasn't announced any definite plans for an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Recognized as a pioneer in the robotics industry with its agile, autonomous robots like Spot, Stretch and Atlas, Boston Dynamics has garnered significant interest. Although many investors are eager, the company remains privately funded and may be considering an IPO at a later, undefined time.

This private status enables Boston Dynamics to focus on advancing robotics technology and refining their biomechanically advanced robots without the pressures from public shareholders.

Who Owns Boston Dynamics?

Hyundai Motor Group owns a majority stake in Boston Dynamics. Founded by Marc Raibert in 1992, the robotics company was purchased by Hyundai in a transaction that valued it at $1.1 billion. Hyundai controls an 80% share, while SoftBank holds the remaining 20%.

Hyundai, a worldwide conglomerate active in automotive manufacturing and advanced technology, utilizes Boston Dynamics' expertise to forge a robotics value chain that includes everything from making robot parts to smart logistics solutions. As a leader in producing agile, mobile robots, Boston Dynamics benefits from Hyundai's extensive resources and industry knowledge, aiding their growth and the creation of new robotics technologies.

Buy Boston Dynamics Stocks

Best Boston Dynamics Stock Alternatives

If you're drawn to robotics but can't invest in Boston Dynamics due to its private status, consider these notable publicly traded robotics alternatives:

  • Hyundai Motor Group (HYMTF): With an 80% ownership in Boston Dynamics, Hyundai provides an indirect yet significant investment opportunity in advanced robotics. As a global conglomerate, Hyundai utilizes Boston Dynamics' robotic innovations to enhance its initiatives in automation and smart logistics.
  • iRobot Corporation (IRBT): Best known for its Roomba vacuum robots, iRobot is expanding its range to encompass cleaning, lawn care, and healthcare robots. Their focus on robots that streamline daily activities offers a unique investment channel in the robotics field.
  • ARK Autonomous Tech & Robotics ETF (ARKQ): This ETF offers broad exposure to companies engaged in autonomous technology and robotics. ARKQ includes a variety of firms from drone technology to 3D printing, presenting a comprehensive investment choice in this dynamic industry.

These reputable alternatives provide solid avenues for investing in the rapidly developing robotics sector. Access these stocks and ETFs through well-known brokers like eToro to diversify your investment portfolio in a field poised for transformative growth.

Best Boston Dynamics Stock Alternatives

Bottom Line

In conclusion, while Boston Dynamics remains a privately held company and its shares are not available for public purchase, its pioneering robotics technology and potential for an IPO continue to attract keen interest among investors. For those interested in the robotics sector but unable to invest directly in Boston Dynamics, alternatives like Hyundai Motor Group, iRobot Corporation, and the ARK Autonomous Tech & Robotics ETF offer diverse opportunities in this rapidly evolving sector.

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