How to Buy Boston Dynamics Stocks

How to Buy Boston Dynamics Stocks

Get an in-depth look at Boston Dynamics - valuation, funding, and IPO prospects. Stay ahead in the robotics investment game.

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Summary: Boston Dynamics is currently a privately-held robotics company, making its stock unavailable for public investment. Majority-owned by Hyundai Motor Group, the company specializes in creating agile and autonomous robots. Although there's no confirmed IPO plan, market experts keep a close eye on its potential public offering.

For investors interested in the robotics sector, alternatives include Hyundai Motor Group, iRobot Corporation, and the ARK Autonomous Tech & Robotics ETF, which can be invested in through reputable brokers like eToro and other regulated platforms.

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Can I Buy Boston Dynamics Stocks or Shares?

As of now, Boston Dynamics is a privately-held entity, which means that its shares aren't open for public investment. Founded by Marc Raibert, the company has carved a niche for itself in the realm of robotics, particularly in creating robots that surpass human abilities in agility and dexterity.

The company's principal financial backing comes from private investors, including major stakeholders like Hyundai Motor Group. Boston Dynamics' cutting-edge technology and potential future in robotics and AI are under keen observation from various investors. Market watchers are closely following Boston Dynamics for any hints that it may consider an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the near future.

Buy Boston Dynamics Stocks

Will Boston Dynamics IPO?

At present, Boston Dynamics has not publicized any concrete plans for an Initial Public Offering (IPO). As a leader in the robotics industry, specifically in developing agile, autonomous robots such as Spot and Atlas, Boston Dynamics has captivated substantial attention. 

Despite the intrigue from potential investors, the company maintains its privately-funded status, possibly strategizing an IPO in the unforeseen future. This allows Boston Dynamics to concentrate on pushing the envelope in robotics technology and perfecting their biomechanically adept robots, without the added pressures of public shareholders.

Who Owns Boston Dynamics?

Hyundai Motor Group owns a majority stake in Boston Dynamics. The robotics firm was founded by Marc Raibert in 1992, and it was later acquired by Hyundai in a deal valuing the firm at $1.1 billion. Hyundai now holds an 80% stake in the company, with SoftBank retaining the remaining 20%.

Hyundai, a global conglomerate with interests across automotive manufacturing and advanced technology, leverages Boston Dynamics' capabilities to build a robotics value chain spanning from robot component manufacturing to smart logistics solutions. Boston Dynamics, a leader in creating agile, mobile robots like Spot® and Stretch™, benefits from Hyundai's vast resources and industrial expertise, thereby supporting their expansion and the development of innovative robotics solutions.

Buy Boston Dynamics Stocks

Boston Dynamics Stock Price

Boston Dynamics was valued at $1.1 billion by its private investors, including Hyundai Motor Group. However, considering the exponential growth and advancements in the robotics and AI sectors, many industry experts predict a substantial increase in its valuation by 2023. Given the company's ongoing developments in artificial intelligence and robotics, Boston Dynamics' market value is expected to have risen significantly.

Best Boston Dynamics Stock Alternatives

If the allure of robotics technology captivates you but you're unable to invest in Boston Dynamics due to its privately-held status, there are other impactful options in the robotics arena with publicly available stocks. Here's a look at three compelling alternatives:

  • Hyundai Motor Group (HYMTF): Owning an 80% stake in Boston Dynamics, Hyundai offers an indirect but substantial way to invest in cutting-edge robotics. A global conglomerate with a diversified portfolio, Hyundai leverages Boston Dynamics' capabilities in robotics to further its own initiatives in smart logistics and automation.
  • iRobot Corporation (IRBT): Known primarily for consumer-oriented robots like Roomba, iRobot is broadening its product line to include applications in cleaning, lawn care, and even healthcare. Their focus on robots that simplify everyday tasks presents a distinct investment avenue in robotics.
  • ARK Autonomous Tech & Robotics ETF (ARKQ): This Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) provides diversified exposure to companies involved in autonomous technology and robotics. ARKQ includes a mix of firms specializing in everything from aerial drones to 3D printing, offering a well-rounded investment opportunity in this dynamic sector.

These established options offer viable paths for investing in the fast-evolving world of robotics. You can invest in these companies and ETFs through reputable brokers such as eToro, allowing you to broaden your investment scope in an industry ripe for revolutionary advancements.

Best Boston Dynamics Stock Alternatives

Bottom Line

In summary, while Boston Dynamics remains a privately-held company and does not offer public shares, its significant role in advancing robotics and AI technology cannot be ignored. With Hyundai Motor Group owning a majority stake, the firm continues to influence the robotics landscape significantly.

If you're keen on investing in this innovative sector but can't directly invest in Boston Dynamics, alternatives like Hyundai Motor Group, iRobot Corporation, and ARK Autonomous Tech & Robotics ETF present excellent opportunities. These options not only offer a diversified entry into the world of robotics but also come with the added convenience of being accessible through established brokers like eToro. So even if a Boston Dynamics IPO isn't on the horizon, there are still plenty of avenues to explore for those wanting to invest in the future of robotics and artificial intelligence.

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