How to Buy Neuralink Stocks

How to Buy Neuralink Stocks

Explore the investment landscape surrounding Neuralink, Elon Musk's privately-funded neurotech venture.

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Summary: Neuralink, directed by Elon Musk, is a private company without plans for an IPO soon. Valued over $1 billion, it's backed by significant private funding. For investment in related fields, consider neurotech and biotech firms like Amgen (AMG) and AstraZeneca (AZN), accessible via regulated brokers.

Our review suggests eToro as a viable platform for neurotech stock investments. eToro offers a range of over 3,000 assets, including prominent names like Amgen and AstraZeneca, and access to industry ETFs such as ARK Invest's Genomic Revolution ETF (ARKG), facilitating diversified investments in these advanced sectors.

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Can I Buy Neuralink Stocks or Shares?

As of now, Neuralink, a pioneering neurotechnology company, remains privately held, meaning its shares are not available on the public stock market. Established in 2016 by Elon Musk and a team of leading neuroscientists, Neuralink specializes in developing advanced brain-machine interfaces, a field that merges cutting-edge technology with neuroscience.

The company primarily relies on private investment, with Elon Musk being a significant contributor. The potential impact of Neuralink's innovative technology on various sectors, including healthcare and technology, has garnered substantial interest from investors and industry observers. They are eagerly awaiting any developments that might indicate Neuralink's move towards a public offering.


Is Neuralink Going to IPO?

Neuralink has not declared an official IPO date. Still, it has stirred considerable interest in the biotechnology and neurotechnology industry. This is primarily due to Neuralink's groundbreaking pursuit of developing advanced brain-machine interfaces, as well as its ambitious goals to help treat neurodegenerative diseases and ultimately enhance human cognition.

Even amid this industry anticipation, Neuralink has chosen to remain privately funded for now, possibly aiming to conduct an Initial Public Offering (IPO) later. This approach allows the company to focus on its scientific and technological objectives without the added pressure of public shareholders. ‍

Who Owns Neuralink?

Neuralink was launched in 2016 by Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Inc., who initially invested $100 million. Over the years, Neuralink has attracted significant private funding, notably a recent $205 million Series C round, with key investors including Google Ventures, ARCH Venture Partners, Founders Fund, and Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI. That said, Elon Musk is currently the majority shareholder of Neuralink.

Who Owns Neuralink

About Neuralink

Neuralink is focused on developing a universal brain-machine interface (BMI) with the aim to address unmet medical conditions and unlock human potential. Co-founded by Elon Musk, the company employs advanced, custom, low-power electronics to wirelessly transmit processed neural signals to a specialized application, enabling user control over digital devices.

The core product, the N1 Implant, utilizes 1024 electrodes distributed across 64 ultra-thin threads, implanted precisely by a specialized surgical robot. The implant is encased in a biocompatible material and powered by a wirelessly charged battery, designed for seamless integration and remote use. This technology aims to transition BMI from research labs to consumer applications.

Best Neurotech Alternatives to Neuralink

If you're interested in neurotechnology but find Neuralink's lack of public shares limiting, there are other prominent companies in the field whose stocks are publicly traded. Here are three leading alternatives:

  • Amgen (AMG): A biotechnology pioneer, Amgen has a robust portfolio dedicated to neurodegenerative diseases and other neurological conditions. Their work has led to advancements that align closely with the neurotech sector.
  • AstraZeneca (AZN): AstraZeneca is a multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company with a strong focus on neuroscience, particularly in developing drugs for psychiatric and neurological disorders.
  • ARK Genomic Revolution ETF (ARKG): If you're looking for broader exposure to biotech innovations, including those related to neurotechnology, this ETF by ARK Invest offers a diversified investment in companies driving the genomics revolution.

These companies and funds are accessible on secure and regulated platforms like eToro, offering you the chance to invest in the burgeoning field of neurotechnology and medical technology.

Best Neurotech Alternatives to Neuralink

Neuralink Stock Price

Currently, Neuralink operates as a privately-held entity and thus does not have a publicly traded stock price. Despite this, the company's valuation has exceeded $1 billion, as indicated by its fundraising activities. It's important for interested parties to consult up-to-date sources for the latest information, as the financial landscape and company valuations can shift over time.

Bottom Line

In summary, Neuralink's status as a private company without plans for a public offering doesn't diminish the significant interest its brain-machine interface technology has generated in the biotech and neurotech industries. Investors interested in this innovative space, yet unable to invest directly in Neuralink, might find publicly-traded companies such as Amgen and AstraZeneca to be attractive alternatives.

Investment platforms like eToro offer a practical route for diversifying portfolios with these stocks and related ETFs, including ARK Invest's Genomic Revolution ETF. Neuralink's substantial private funding and its pioneering role in technology make it a noteworthy entity for potential future investment options.

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