How to Buy OnlyFans Stocks

How to Buy OnlyFans Stocks

Discover the potential for investing in OnlyFans, valued at $18 billion, and understand why its stocks are not publicly available.

Summary: OnlyFans, a privately held company valued at $18 billion, has revolutionized digital content monetization but remains off-limits to public investors, with no plans for an IPO disclosed. Its strategic growth and focus on platform development are supported by private funding, keeping speculation about future public investment opportunities alive.

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Can I Buy OnlyFans Stocks or Shares?

Currently, OnlyFans is not a public company, making its stocks or shares unavailable to the general public. Established by Timothy Stokely in 2016, OnlyFans is a platform where creators can earn revenue directly from their followers through subscriptions.

The financial backbone of OnlyFans largely relies on private investments, including a notable initial contribution from the founder's father, who provided a £10,000 loan to help start the company. The unique business model of OnlyFans has captured the attention of many investors, leading to speculation about the company's potential public offering in the future.

OnlyFans Stocks

Is OnlyFans Planning an IPO?

As of now, OnlyFans has not disclosed plans for an initial public offering (IPO). The platform, known for revolutionizing content monetization by enabling creators to earn directly from subscribers, has piqued significant interest within the digital entertainment sector. Although speculation abounds, OnlyFans continues to be backed by private funding. This approach gives the company leeway to prioritize expanding its user base and enhancing platform features, free from the immediate scrutiny of public market investors.

Who Owns OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is owned by Fenix International Limited. The company was founded by Timothy Stokely in 2016, who, along with other private investors, provides the financial backbone for OnlyFans. 

Fenix International Limited, the owner of OnlyFans, is a cutting-edge technology company. They specialize in a broad spectrum of software development and support services. Fenix's core capabilities include customer acquisition and retention, data management, and custom software and mobile app development. They offer scalable hosting and cloud services suitable for growing companies like OnlyFans.

OnlyFans Stock Valuation

OnlyFans has achieved a valuation of $18 billion, based on a 3-4x multiple of its latest gross revenue, which hit $5.55 billion in 2022. This valuation reflects the platform's rapid expansion and its substantial influence in the market, highlighted by a user base of 190 million and a remarkable revenue growth rate of 174.3% annually. These metrics not only underscore OnlyFans' market dominance but also suggest potential for further increase in its market value as it continues to grow.

Bottom Line

In summary, OnlyFans, a platform at the forefront of content monetization, remains privately owned and is not currently available for public investment. Despite its significant valuation and strong financial growth, there are no immediate plans for an IPO. This keeps investment opportunities in OnlyFans out of reach for the general public and individual investors. The company's strategic focus on expansion and platform enhancement continues under the private funding model, leaving potential investors watching for any future changes in its market approach.

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