How to Buy OpenAI Stocks

How to Buy OpenAI Stocks

Discover if you can buy OpenAI stocks, their current valuation, and explore alternative investment options in leading AI companies like NVIDIA.

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Summary: OpenAI, founded by Sam Altman, is a private firm focused on AI research and ethical deployment. Valued between $80 and $90 billion, OpenAI is known for AI products like ChatGPT. For those interested in AI investment, options include NVIDIA, the primary GPU provider for OpenAI's key models.

Our research shows that eToro is an ideal platform for investing in AI stocks and ETFs. It features industry leaders like NVIDIA and Microsoft, a significant OpenAI investor. For diversified options, eToro offers access to top AI ETFs like ARKQ, making it a solid choice for tech-centric portfolios.

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Can I Buy OpenAI Stocks or Shares?

OpenAI remains a privately held entity, making it inaccessible for public stock investment. Founded by a group including Sam Altman, Ilya Sutskever and Greg Brockman, the company is a key player in artificial intelligence, notably for its breakthroughs in natural language processing with products like ChatGPT and Dalle-E.

OpenAI's capital largely comes from a mix of venture capitalists and corporate investments, with names like Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, and Microsoft on the list. Its most recent valuation is $27 billion, following a $300 million funding round. This heightened valuation and the company's growing reputation in AI have led many in the investment community eagerly awaiting any announcements concerning an IPO.

Buy OpenAI Stocks or Shares

Will OpenAI Go Public?

While there's no official word on an IPO, recent talks suggest a valuation of $80 to $90 billion for OpenAI, up significantly from earlier figures. This uptick comes in the wake of a $13 billion investment from Microsoft. As it continues to operate as a private company, OpenAI's soaring valuation and strong revenue streams are heightening investor anticipation for a potential public debut. Given its pioneering contributions in generative AI and an extensive array of industry collaborations, OpenAI is a key player to watch in the AI arena.

Who Owns OpenAI?

OpenAI operates on a capped-for-profit model. Its equity is held by founders, staff, and key investors like Microsoft and Sequoia Capital. Microsoft's $10 billion investment earlier this year aimed to scale ChatGPT, and the team is now considering raising more capital to hit their next growth stage. The company's capped-for-profit status targets controlled investor returns and potential wealth redistribution if AGI is realized.

About OpenAI

OpenAI is the fastest-growing company that specializes in advanced artificial intelligence (AI) research with an emphasis on safety and broad societal benefit. Aimed at developing artificial general intelligence (AGI), OpenAI has launched notable products like ChatGPT and DALL-E. Governed by a unique capped-profit model, the company balances commercial success with ethical considerations. Its work spans various AI applications, from natural language processing to ethical AI use, impacting multiple industries.

Best AI Stock Alternatives to OpenAI 

If you're fascinated by artificial intelligence but can't invest in OpenAI due to its current private status, here are some public investment options making notable contributions in AI:

  • NVIDIA (NVDA): Known primarily as the GPU provider for OpenAI's prominent projects like ChatGPT and DALL-E, NVIDIA has become an integral part of the AI landscape. Their hardware is essential for powering these advanced language models, making NVIDIA a significant player in AI research and applications.
  • Microsoft (MSFT): Not only is Microsoft a key investor in OpenAI, but it also has a robust AI portfolio that includes AI-enhanced cloud services and ethical AI solutions. This dual role strengthens Microsoft's positioning in the rapidly evolving AI market.
  • ARK Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF (ARKQ): For those seeking diversified exposure to top AI and robotics companies, the ARKQ ETF offers a broad investment opportunity. It includes shares in leading companies like Tesla and UiPath, which are at the forefront of AI and automation technologies.

These public investment options offer a gateway into the burgeoning field of AI, and they can be accessed through regulated brokers such as eToro, offering a diversified way to invest in a sector poised for exponential growth.

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Bottom Line

In conclusion, while OpenAI remains a privately held company and isn't available for public stock investment, its soaring valuation and pioneering role in artificial intelligence make it a closely-watched entity in the investment community. For those eager to invest in the AI sector now, public alternatives like NVIDIA, Microsoft, and ARK Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF offer viable pathways.

These options not only offer exposure to transformative AI technologies but are also accessible through regulated brokers. Whether OpenAI opts for an IPO in the future or not, its influence on the AI landscape is undeniable, making it essential to keep an eye on this industry leader as you consider your investment strategies in artificial intelligence.

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