How to Buy Starlink Stocks

How to Buy Starlink Stocks

Explore why Starlink stocks aren't public yet and when they might be, based on insight from Elon Musk and industry experts.

Summary: Starlink, a leading satellite internet service under SpaceX, is not yet available for public trading. Despite its critical role in SpaceX’s growth and substantial backing from major investors, Starlink stocks remain privately held, with no confirmed IPO date.

Elon Musk has suggested a possible public offering only after stable revenue and cash flow are achieved, speculated around 2025 or 2026. For now, enthusiasts and investors should keep an eye on its developments and financial progress.

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Can I Buy Starlink Stocks?

Currently, Starlink, which provides high-speed satellite internet services globally, is not available on public stock exchanges. The company is currently structured as a subsidiary of SpaceX, which has raised over $1.3 billion in funding from major investors like Google, Fidelity and even the US Government. 

Buy Starlink Stocks

Starlink Stock Valuation

Starlink's stock valuation is not individually disclosed within the private market valuation of its parent company, SpaceX, which reached $175 billion after its latest funding round. 

Financial statements from 2018 and 2019 show that Starlink is integral to SpaceX's strategy and financial stability. During this period, SpaceX pursued an increase in revenue from $2 billion to a forecasted $9 billion in 2023 and $15 billion in 2024, despite facing net losses partly due to a shift in revenue recognition methods that affected their financial results. 

These years were key, highlighted by milestones such as the first launch of the Falcon Heavy and the deployment of the initial Starlink satellites, underlining the strategic importance of the Starlink division within SpaceX's broader financial and operational framework.

Starlink Going to IPO

When Can I Buy Starlink Stocks?

As of now, there is no confirmed date for when Starlink stocks will be available for public purchase. Recently, Elon Musk refuted claims of a potential IPO for Starlink in 2024, labeling such reports as "false." He has indicated that Starlink would consider going public once it achieves predictable revenue growth and cash flow, which it recently reached.

Industry experts, such as Justus Parmar from Fortuna Investments, speculate that an IPO might be more likely around 2025 or 2026, aligning with Starlink's progress towards financial stability.

Who Owns Starlink?

Starlink is owned by SpaceX, a privately held company founded by Elon Musk, who also leads its operations. SpaceX, known for its significant advancements in space technology, hosts Starlink as one of its most promising projects. Elon Musk holds a substantial 42% equity share in SpaceX and controls 79% of its voting rights, which empowers him with predominant decision-making authority over Starlink.

Supporting SpaceX's ambitious endeavors, including Starlink, are major investors such as Google and Threshold Ventures. These investors, although minority stakeholders, play a crucial role in supporting SpaceX's mission, indirectly influencing Starlink's growth and development.

Bottom Line

In summary, while Starlink's innovative satellite internet service has garnered significant investor interest and continues to enhance global connectivity, it remains a privately held entity under SpaceX, with no current option for public stock purchase. Investors and those intrigued by Starlink’s technological advancements and market potential are advised to monitor its progress closely.

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