Discord IPO

Discord IPO

Everything you need to know about the upcoming Discord stock IPO including prices, dates and more.

Summary: Discord, a major force in gaming and online communities, remains private with no confirmed IPO date or price, despite speculation and a $15 billion valuation. Owned by founders, employees, and major investors, and considering the current market's volatility, Discord's IPO trajectory is a significant event to monitor in the tech industry, alongside other anticipated public offerings.

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What is Discord’s IPO Date?

Discord, renowned for its significant impact within gaming, cryptocurrency, and community sectors, lacks a specified Initial Public Offering (IPO) date. Despite widespread speculation, there has been no formal declaration, positioning its IPO among the most awaited in 2024.

Discord's prominence surged amid the COVID-19 pandemic, drawing interest from leading tech firms, notably Microsoft with a bid of $10 billion. Nonetheless, Discord’s leadership has chosen to forgo acquisition proposals, favoring an independent path toward an IPO. This decision reflects Discord's commitment to controlling its growth and maintaining its standing in the industry.

Discord IPO

Discord Stock IPO Price

As Discord's IPO plans remain unconfirmed, there is no set IPO price for the company's stock. With a current valuation of $15 billion following a $500 million raise in late 2021 led by Dragoneer Investment Group, Discord's eventual IPO price will depend on macro market conditions and investor interest at the time of its public debut. 

Who Owns Discord Equity?

Discord's equity is owned by a combination of its founders, employees, and investors. The founders, Jason Citron and Stanislav Vishnevskiy, hold a significant portion of the company's equity. Discord has also raised over $994 million in funding over 16 rounds from notable names that include Fidelity, Greylock Partners, Index Ventures, Greenoaks Capital, Spark Capital, Tencent, and Dragoneer Investment Group. 

The exact breakdown of ownership percentages is not publicly available, as Discord is still a private company. If they IPO, this information will be made public.

Will Discord IPO?

As of now, Discord has not announced a specific IPO date. While there is speculation about a potential public offering, there has been no suggestion from the Discord Executive Team about an IPO any time soon.

Market volatility and tech downturns add additional uncertainty to IPOs generally in 2024. As Discord weighs its decision, other big names like Chime Financial, Stripe, Instacart, and Reddit are also eyeing going public, making Discord's IPO journey worth monitoring.

Bottom Line

In summary, Discord's IPO remains a topic of high anticipation and speculation, with no official date or price set. As the company evaluates its future amidst market uncertainties and the interest of major investors and technology giants, its journey towards a potential public offering will be closely watched. Discord’s strategic decisions, including its commitment to independence and growth, coupled with its significant valuation and broad ownership base, position it as a key player in the tech IPO landscape.

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