What Countries is Webull Available?

What Countries is Webull Available?

Explore Webull's global reach, from the U.S. to Asia. Learn about its offerings, regulatory compliance, and expansion plans.

Summary: Webull, a commission-free trading platform, predominantly serves investors in the U.S., Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Japan, and Australia due to specific regulatory obligations. While citizens of these countries can use it internationally, it remains inaccessible for residents of other countries, with no current announcements for extension to the UK or Europe.

For investors across the globe, eToro stands as a valuable alternative to Webull, offering diverse options including stocks, ETFs, and more.

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What Countries is Webull Available in?

Webull, a distinguished trading platform, provides many no-commission financial services, like trading in stocks, options, and ETFs. Although primarily catering to U.S. investors under FINRA licenses, its scope expands beyond American borders.

Webull's innovative financial services aren't just available to U.S. investors, but also to those in other regions worldwide, namely Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Japan, and Australia. The platform's growth in these countries illustrates its dedication to globalising its services, despite diverse licensing and regulatory requirements across jurisdictions.

Webull Available Countries

Will Webull Expand to the UK or Europe?

Currently, Webull hasn't announced plans to extend its services to the UK or Europe. This limitation is primarily due to Webull's licensing status, which is specific to U.S. and selected Asian regulatory authorities and does not encompass permissions from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK or the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) in Europe.

For Webull to penetrate these markets, it would need to comply with local regulations, procure necessary licenses, and adapt its platform to meet the distinct needs of investors in these areas.

Where is Webull Licensed?

Webull holds various financial licenses enabling its operations in multiple countries. In the U.S., it's registered with the SEC, FINRA, and SIPC. In Hong Kong, it operates under the SFC, while in Australia, it would require an AFSL from ASIC. Services in Singapore and Japan, it needs to comply with the MAS and the FSA, respectively. 

For specific information on the licensure of Webull in various jurisdictions, we recommend visiting the Webull Disclosures page.

What is the Top Webull Alternative? 

For those searching for a credible multi-asset broker beyond the United States, eToro emerges as the leading alternative to Webull. As one of the most comprehensive international brokerage platforms, eToro boasts over 3,000 assets and caters to a community of more than 30 million investors worldwide. Its user-friendly interface and varied investment offerings make eToro an exceptional option for those seeking a trustworthy substitute to Webull.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, while Webull is primarily known as a US-based trading platform, it has expanded its no-commission financial services to other regions, including Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Japan, and Australia. However, due to its licensing status, Webull has yet to penetrate the UK and European markets. 

Those seeking a credible Webull alternative can consider eToro, renowned for its global reach and comprehensive asset portfolio. Webull's diverse licenses permit it to operate across multiple jurisdictions, aligning with each country's specific regulatory requirements.

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