How to Add Berachain to MetaMask

How to Add Berachain to MetaMask

Find out the simple process to add Berachain to MetaMask and explore the unique Proof-of-Liquidity consensus of this innovative blockchain.

Summary: Add Berachain's Artio Testnet to MetaMask by navigating to Berachain's official website, accessing their documentation for network details, and selecting 'Connect a Wallet.'

Then, use the 'Add Testnet' button for an automatic setup with verified RPC and Network ID, ensuring seamless integration with this EVM-compatible blockchain known for its innovative Proof-of-Liquidity consensus.

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Can I Add Berachain to MetaMask?

Yes, you can add Berachain to MetaMask, but currently only on its Testnet. Berachain, distinguished by its Proof-of-Liquidity consensus and robust EVM compatibility, integrates smoothly with MetaMask. This enables users to explore Berachain's advanced features tailored for decentralized exchanges and oracles, among others. To connect, you must enter specific Testnet details like the RPC URL and Chain ID into your MetaMask wallet.

How to Add Berachain to MetaMask

Integrating Berachain with your MetaMask wallet is a streamlined process, involving specific steps to access the official Testnet details. Follow these instructions:

  1. Visit Berachain: Navigate to Berachain's official website.
  2. Access the Documentation: At the bottom of the home page, click 'View Docs' to enter their documentation section.
  3. Connect a Wallet: In the documentation, find and select the 'Connect a Wallet' option.
  4. Add Artio Testnet: Continue scrolling until you encounter the 'Add Testnet' button. Clicking this will automatically configure MetaMask with Berachain's verified RPC and Network ID.

By following these steps, you ensure a secure and proper setup of Berachain's Testnet in your MetaMask wallet, leveraging the platform's validated network configuration.

Add Berachain to MetaMask

Berachain Artio Testnet RPC Details

For integrating Berachain Artio Testnet with your MetaMask wallet, it's essential to use accurate RPC (Remote Procedure Call) details. These details, obtained from Berachain's official documentation, are key to a dependable and correct setup. Below are the necessary RPC details for the Berachain Artio Testnet:

  • Network Name: Berachain Artio
  • RPC URL: https://artio.rpc.berachain.com/
  • Chain ID: 80085
  • Currency Symbol: BERA
  • Block Explorer URL: https://artio.beratrail.io/

When configuring MetaMask for Berachain Artio Testnet, entering these details correctly is crucial for a secure and effective connection to the Berachain network.

About Berachain

Berachain is a high-performance, EVM-compatible Layer 1 blockchain, distinct for its innovative Proof-of-Liquidity consensus mechanism. Built on the Polaris blockchain framework and leveraging the CometBFT consensus engine, Berachain offers a unique blend of network incentives, fostering a synergistic relationship between validators and its ecosystem. It supports a wide range of decentralized applications, particularly optimized for DEXs and Oracles, positioning itself as an "EVM-equivalent-plus" in the blockchain space, focusing on modular development and seamless integration with existing EVM tooling.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, adding Berachain to your MetaMask wallet, particularly its Artio Testnet, is a straightforward process that opens up a world of possibilities in decentralized finance and applications. By meticulously following the provided steps and accurately entering the necessary RPC details, users can seamlessly connect to Berachain's innovative and EVM-compatible blockchain.

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