How to Add Canto to MetaMask

How to Add Canto to MetaMask

Find the best way to add Canto to your MetaMask Wallet. Get started quickly with the verified Chain ID and RPC details.

Summary: The Canto Layer 1 network can be added to a MetaMask or alternative Web 3 wallet because it is an EVM-compatible blockchain. The best way to add the verified RPC for Canto to your MetaMask Wallet is through the ChainList app. ChainList is an EVM network information aggregator that allows users to find details for a Layer 1 or Layer 2 blockchain to easily add it to their wallet.

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Chainlist is an aggregator of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) networks. It allows users to connect their MetaMask wallets to the specific Chain and Network ID, ensuring a safe connection to the correct blockchain.
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100+ Layer 1 and Layer 2 chains.
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Built by the Defillama team.
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MetaMask only.

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How to Add Canto to MetaMask

Canto offers seamless compatibility with MetaMask and operates using the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), making it straightforward to integrate this blockchain with your existing MetaMask wallet. For an experience that prioritizes both reliability and simplicity, ChainList comes highly recommended. ChainList serves as a respected compilation platform that offers validated Chain ID and RPC details for major Layer 1 and Layer 2 EVM-supporting blockchains.

To easily add Canto to your MetaMask wallet, adhere to the following steps:

  1. Open the ChainList application on your device.
  2. Establish a connection between ChainList and your MetaMask Wallet.
  3. Utilize the 'Search Networks' bar located at the top of the ChainList interface. Here, input 'Canto'.
  4. After locating 'Canto' from the search results, proceed to click on 'Add to MetaMask'.
Add Canto to MetaMask

What is Canto?

Canto is a permissionless, general-purpose blockchain that utilizes the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to revolutionize the DeFi landscape. Designed to provide a transparent, decentralized, and accessible financial system, Canto introduces an array of core financial primitives. These include a zero-fee decentralized exchange (DEX) for liquidity providers, a variant of the Compound v2 for pooled lending, and a fully collateralized stablecoin soft-pegged to USDC/USDT. Canto aims to be the ultimate execution layer for innovative financial protocols, offering liquidity as a free public good and resisting rent extraction.

Is Canto Safe?

Canto is considered to be a safe Layer 1 blockchain that was built by well-known DeFi advocate Scott Lewis. The network has attracted over $100 million in Total Value Locked across their DeFi protocols, which highlights its growing popularity and perceived safety amongst investors in the crypto ecosystem.

Bottom Line

To sum up, adding Canto to your MetaMask or alternative Web 3 wallet is quick and easy thanks to the ChainList app. All you need are the verified RPC details, which can be found through their simple search engine. Once added, users can start interacting with some of the most popular DeFi applications on the Layer 1 blockchain. To find out what DeFi apps are available on Canto, you can visit Defillama which lists the most popular platforms in order of total value locked.

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