How to Add Cosmos to MetaMask

Unfortunately, since Cosmos is not an EVM-compatible chain, it cannot be added to MetaMask. If you wish to store your ATOM or other coins supported by the Cosmos SDK, you will need to use a different wallet platform like Kelpr or a ledger hardware wallet with the Cosmos app installed.

Kelpr is the best alternative to MetaMask and is the most popular wallet for the Cosmos network because it supports Cosmos Staking, Osmosis, Kava and other blockchains. The setup is easy and is installed through a web-browser in the same way you would install your MetaMask Wallet to connect with Ethereum, Arbitrum and other platforms.

Will MetaMask ever support Cosmos?

It is possible that MetaMask could add support for Cosmos in the future, but there are currently no plans to do so. As mentioned earlier, this is because Etherum's solidity language is not compatible with Cosmos' go programming language, which would require a lot of work to bridge the two networks together.

Is Kelpr Safe?

Kelpr is a secure, non-custodial and open-source Cosmos wallet that puts user security first.  All private keys and other credentials are stored locally on your device, meaning that you have sole control over your funds at all times. On top of this, Kelpr also has other advanced security features like 2FA authentication for added protection.

Final Thoughts

It is not currently possible to add Cosmos to MetaMask because it is not an EVM-compatible network. However, there are other secure and reliable wallet options available, such as Kelpr and Ledger hardware wallets that support the Cosmos SDK. Ultimately, it's up to you which one you choose based on your individual needs.