How to Add and Install Sui Wallet

The process to add and install the Sui Wallet to your Chrome Browser is the same user flow as downloading a MetaMask Wallet. The user experience overall also mimics the experience of MetaMask, in that the wallet allows you to send and receive tokens, manage your portfolio and even hold NFTs that are native to Sui.

To get started, you can follow our simple guide below:

  1. Visit the Sui Wallet Chrome Store and install the browser extension. We recommend using Google Chrome over alternative browsers like Mozilla or Brave.
  2. Create your account and save your seed phrase.
  3. Now you're ready to start using the Sui network!
Sui Wallet
Install Sui Wallet.

Will MetaMask add support for Sui?

The MetaMask team has not yet announced any plans to support the Sui network. It is unlikely that they will add support for non-EVM chains because MetaMask is built by Conensys, which is the primary investor behind the Ethereum Foundation. It is our view that their primary concern is to continue the proliferation of the EVM programming language while trying to limit the adoption of alternative programming languages like Move or Rust (Solana).

However, if they do decide to add support in the future, we will be sure to update this article accordingly.

How to Get Sui Faucet Tokens

Once you have added the Sui Wallet and onboarded to the testnet or devnet, you will want to acquire some SUI faucet tokens. To do this you will need to join the Sui Discord channel (note that new Discord accounts may require a few days for validation). Once you have access, request test SUI tokens in the Sui #devnet-faucet or #testnet-faucet channels by sending a message in the format "!faucet <Your client address>", replacing "<Your client address>" with your actual wallet address. Keep in mind that the Testnet faucet is only available when Testnet is live.

About Sui

Sui is one of the most exciting new blockchains that is created by Mysten Labs who are team of developers based in San Francisco, USA. The platform is highly touted because of the new programming language it uses called 'Move', which is designed to be more performant, scaleable and flexible than the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Sui blockchain is not currently compatible with MetaMask due to its use of a different programming language, Move, instead of the Ethereum Virtual Machine's language, Solidity. To use Sui, users must download and install the Sui Wallet. At present, there are no plans for MetaMask to add support for Sui, as their focus is on promoting the use of the Ethereum Virtual Machine's programming language, Solidity.