How to Add Xai to MetaMask

How to Add Xai to MetaMask

Discover the easy process of integrating XAI, a cutting-edge blockchain platform, into your MetaMask for enhanced gaming experiences.

Summary: Easily add Xai, a Layer 3 AnyTrust blockchain on Arbitrum, to your MetaMask wallet by manually entering its official network details. This integration allows users to explore Xai's unique blockchain features, enhancing their gaming experience. 

Follow a few simple steps to securely connect Xai with MetaMask using authentic network information from their official documentation.

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Can I Add Xai to MetaMask?

Yes, you can add Xai to MetaMask. Xai, being a Layer 3 AnyTrust built on Arbitrum, can be integrated into your MetaMask wallet. This process allows you to engage with the unique features of the Xai blockchain, particularly in the realm of gaming. To do this, you'll need to input specific network details like the Network ID and Chain ID of Xai into your wallet.

How to Add Xai to MetaMask

Adding Xai to your MetaMask wallet involves a direct process, as users will need to manually enter the official network details available on Xai's website. To integrate Xai with MetaMask, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Xai: Access the Xai official website to gather essential mainnet details like Network ID and RPC URLs.
  2. Open MetaMask: Launch your MetaMask wallet and go to the 'Networks' section in the settings.
  3. Add Network Details: Choose 'Add Network' and manually enter the network information provided on the Xai website.
  4. Confirm and Save: After inputting the necessary details, save your settings to finalize adding Xai to your MetaMask wallet.

These steps ensure a secure integration of Xai into your MetaMask wallet using the official and accurate network information.

Add Xai to MetaMask

Xai RPC Details

For a seamless integration of Xai with your MetaMask wallet, accurate RPC (Remote Procedure Call) details are vital. These details, sourced from their official documentation, are crucial for a reliable and correct setup. Here are the essential RPC details for Xai:

  • Network Name: Xai
  • RPC URL: https://xai-chain.net/rpc
  • Chain ID: 660279
  • Currency Symbol: XAI
  • Block Explorer URL: https://explorer.xai-chain.net/

When adding Xai to your MetaMask wallet, it's important to input these details precisely to ensure a secure and efficient connection to the Xai network.

About Xai

Xai is a blockchain platform tailored for gaming, created by Offchain Labs using Arbitrum technology. It enables seamless trading of in-game items without needing traditional crypto wallets, thus simplifying blockchain usage for gamers. Integrating Layer 3 blockchain with Arbitrum's scalability and Ethereum's security, Xai offers an efficient and secure gaming network. Its standout features include gasless transactions and easy wallet integration.


Bottom Line

In summary, integrating Xai with MetaMask is an uncomplicated yet essential step for accessing the Xai blockchain's gaming features. By meticulously entering Xai's official network information, users guarantee a safe and functional connection. This process, aligning with Xai's innovative Layer 3 AnyTrust technology on Arbitrum, significantly enhances the blockchain gaming experience, combining ease of use with robust security.

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