Top Crypto Trading Platforms in Austria

The list below is a comprehensive breakdown of the top 5 crypto investing platforms in Austria. Our ranking methodology is based on key factors that includes regulatory compliance, platform security, features, fees and payment options for Austrian residents.

1. eToro

In Austria, eToro reigns as the leading crypto platform, providing investors with access to a broad spectrum of assets, including cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities, currencies, indices, and ETFs. The platform stands out for its cutting-edge social trading options, such as Copy Trading, and a Virtual Account that allows users to refine their skills with €100K in simulated funds.

eToro is highly recommended for Austrian investors due to its efficient and cost-effective Euro (EUR) deposit options through SEPA Transfer, Austrian online banking services, Debit Card, and other widely-used methods. Furthermore, eToro offers attractive fees, with no initial commissions and appealing spreads.

  • Fees: Free EUR deposits via SEPA Transfer, 0% fees and 1% spread.
  • Supported Assets: 70+ cryptocurrencies, 3000+ stocks, 18 indices, 27 commodities, 49 fiat currencies, and 300 ETFs.
  • Regulation & Licensing: Regulated & Licensed by the European Securities & Markets Authority (ESMA), CySEC, and the FCA.
  • Customer Support Options: 24/7 support through live chat, email, and an online ticketing system.
  • EUR Deposit Methods: Bank Transfer, SEPA Transfer, Austrian online banking services, Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, and Sofort.
Best Exchange Austria - eToro

2. Uphold

Uphold is an excellent alternative to eToro for Austrian investors, as it ranks second among the country's top crypto platforms. It stands out for providing real-time audited proof of reserves for customer funds, making it the safest exchange to trade over 200 cryptocurrencies with speedy and affordable Euro (EUR) deposits from any Austrian bank or payment method.

Uphold's additional features include the ability to purchase a wide range of stocks, ETFs, and metals, as well as a secure crypto staking platform that supports 30+ assets for depositing and earning interest. Uphold is regulated by the FMA and CySEC in Europe, ensuring a reliable and trusted experience for Austrian users.

  • Fees: Free Euro (EUR) Deposits via Bank Transfer and 2.49% for Debit/Credit Cards. Trading Fees 0%.
  • Supported Cryptos: 210 cryptocurrencies, 40 shares, 4 precious metals and 27 fiat currencies.
  • Regulation & Licensing: Regulated and Licensed in Europe & Austria.
  • Customer Support Options: 24/7 support via live chat and email.
  • EUR Deposit Methods: Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, SEPA, Google Pay & Apple Pay.
Best Overall Crypto Exchange in Austria - Uphold.

3. Bitpanda

Bitpanda is the best crypto exchange based that is headquartered and based in Austria. It offers a wide range of features and services, including spot trading for 70+ assets, custody & margin trading, and a metal vault to securely store your crypto assets. Bitpanda also supports Euro (EUR) deposits from all Austrian banks and payment methods.

Their platform also offers around 100 other assets outside of cryptocurrencies which include popular stocks & ETFs. They are a great alternative for investors looking to get started with an exchange that is physically based in Austria.

  • Fees: Bank Transfers are free (EUR) and trading fees are 0.2%.
  • Supported Cryptos: 200+ cryptos including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano.
  • Regulation & Licensing: Regulated by the Financial Market Authority (FMA) of Austria.
  • Customer Support Options: 24/7 customer support via live chat, email and social media.
  • EUR Deposit Methods: Bank transfer, iDEAL, Debit/Credit Card, NETELLER, Bank Wire and PayPal.
Best Austria-Based Crypto Platform - Bitpanda.

4. Bybit

Bybit is the best crypto derivatives exchange for Austrian users. They offer a variety of margin trading instruments with up to 100x leverage on Bitcoin, Ethereum and 300 other crypto assets. The platform also has a wide range of features such as indicators, charting tools and live order books which makes it suitable for advanced traders.

One issue with Bybit is that they are not directly regulated by Austrian Financial Authorities. This means that they operate in a relatively grey area as an off-shore exchange that does not require KYC or identity verification. That said, this does make them an attractive option for those looking to trade without having to go through a lengthy KYC process.

  • Fees: Deposits and withdrawals are free and there are 0.1% fees on spot markets and the maker/taker rebate is 0.01%/0.06%.
  • Supported Cryptos: 400+ cryptocurrencies.
  • Regulation & Licensing: Not regulated by any government authority (hence no KYC requirements).
  • Customer Support Options: 24/7 support via live chat, email, ticketing system & phone.
  • EUR Deposit Methods: Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card, SEPA, iDEAL, Maestro & Google Pay.

5. Kraken

Kraken is the best crypto trading platform for European investors and in particular Austrian users. It offers spot trading for over 50 cryptocurrencies and allows users to deposit Euros (EUR) from any Austrian bank or payment method. It is also the only platform in Austria that provides real-time audited proof of reserves for customer funds, making it a safe and secure choice for Austrian traders.

Kraken also has a range of advanced features such as margin trading, options trading and futures trading. They are also regulated by the FCA in Europe, making them a secure and trusted choice for Austrian users.

  • Fees: 0.16% - 0.26% maker & taker fees; up to 5x leverage available.
  • Supported Cryptos: 100+ coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana & more.
  • Regulation & Licensing: Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) of UK.
  • Customer Support Options: 24/7 customer support via live chat, email and social media.
  • Deposit Methods: Bank Transfer and Bank Wire only.
Best Platform for Beginners in Austria - Kraken.

Is Buying Crypto in Austria Legal?

Yes, buying crypto in Austria is legal. Austria has a generally favorable attitude towards cryptocurrencies and has taken steps to provide a legal framework for their use. In Austria, the Financial Market Authority (FMA) is responsible for regulating cryptocurrencies. The FMA has issued guidelines on the treatment of cryptocurrencies, stating that they are not legal tender, but they can be traded and used as a means of payment.

In Austria, you can buy crypto through a cryptocurrency exchange or from an individual seller. It is important to choose a reputable exchange and to carefully research any crypto assets you are considering buying. As with any investment, it is important to be aware of the risks involved and to invest only what you can afford to lose.

Austrian Crypto Exchange Ranking Methodology

There are 6 key factors that went into our determination of what are the best cryptocurrency exchanges for Austrian investors. These factors include:

  1. Reputation: It is important to choose an exchange that has a good reputation and is trusted by the community. Look for exchanges that have been in business for a while and have a track record of security and reliability.
  2. Fees: Look for an exchange that charges reasonable fees for trading and transferring cryptocurrencies. Some exchanges charge higher fees for certain types of trades or for using certain payment methods.
  3. Security: It is essential to choose an exchange that has strong security measures in place to protect your funds. Look for exchanges that offer two-factor authentication and have a good track record of protecting user funds from hacking attacks.
  4. Ease of use: Choose an exchange that is user-friendly and easy to navigate, especially if you are new to crypto trading.
  5. Customer support: It is important to choose an exchange that offers good customer support in case you have any questions or issues. Look for exchanges that offer multiple channels for support, such as email, phone, and live chat.
  6. Availability of different cryptocurrencies: Consider whether the exchange offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies to choose from, as this can give you more flexibility in your trading.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Austrian investors can confidently enter the cryptocurrency market through secure and ESMA-regulated exchanges. By considering factors such as regulatory compliance, fees, security, and ease of use, our experts have compiled a list of the top 5 trading platforms in Austria: eToro, Uphold, Bitpanda, Bybit, and Kraken.

These platforms offer a variety of features and services tailored to Austrian users, enabling seamless Euro (EUR) deposits and access to a wide range of assets.