Best Crypto Exchanges in Austria

Best Crypto Exchanges in Austria

Discover the best practices for trading cryptocurrencies in Austria, including regulatory insights and investor-focused strategies for a secure experience.

Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

Summary: In Austria, the optimal strategy for investing in Bitcoin and various other cryptocurrencies involves utilizing exchanges that align with the Financial Market Authority (FMA) or relevant European regulations. These accredited platforms enable deposits in Euro (EUR), supporting popular Austrian payment methods, including bank transfers and credit or debit cards.

Our analysis of the top 5 exchanges for Austrian users focuses on security and reliability. These selected services offer a trustworthy and informed pathway for individuals in Austria aiming to participate in the cryptocurrency market.

  1. eToro - Best Crypto Exchange in Austria
  2. Bitpanda - Best Austrian-based Exchange
  3. Bybit - Best for Crypto Derivatives Traders
  4. Uphold - Best for Crypto Beginners
  5. Kraken - Best for Institutional Investors in Austria
Best Crypto Exchange in Austria
5.0 out of 5.0 by Datawallet.
eToro stands out as the best platform for Austrian investors due to its diverse asset offerings, user-friendly interface, and compliance with top-tier European regulatory standards.
Euro (EUR) Deposit Methods
SEPA, Bank Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card, PayPal and more.
Supported Assets
3,000 Cryptos, Stocks, ETFs, Commodities and more.
Licensing & Regulation
The FCA, CySEC, OAM and other tier-1 regulatory authorities.

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Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Austria

Our comprehensive review of more than 20 cryptocurrency services pinpoints the foremost five for Austrian investors. This review emphasizes adherence to Financial Market Authority (FMA) regulations and pertinent EU directives, showcasing a varied selection of cryptocurrencies, intuitive interfaces, support for Euro (EUR) transactions, and transparent pricing policies. For Austrian investors in search of an appropriate platform that matches their investment preferences, our detailed guide below is indispensable.

Trading Fees
Deposit Methods
Key Features
4,500+ (Crypto, Stocks & ETFs
0% Fees and Variable Spread (1% Average)
Bank Transfer, SEPA, Debit or Credit Card & More
Multiple Asset Classes & Most Regulated
3,000+ (Crypto, Stocks & ETFs)
0.2% Fees and 1% Spread
Bank Transfer, SEPA, Sofort & Credit Card
FMA Licensed, Staking & Multiple Asset Classes
0.01% Maker Fee and 0.06% Taker Fee
Bank Transfer, SEPA, Debit Card, Credit Card & More
Staking, Futures, Options, Lending & More
1% Fee and 1% Spread
Debit Card, Credit Card and Google Pay
Staking, Gold & Silver Investing & More
Maker Fees 0.016% & Taker Fees 0.26%
SEPA, Debit Card & Credit Card
Spot Trading, Futures, Staking & More

1. eToro

eToro emerges as Austria's premier investment platform, featuring an expansive selection of over 4,500 financial assets. This range includes key cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana, alongside major stocks such as Coinbase and Microstrategy. This broad spectrum allows Austrian investors to effectively diversify their portfolio through one fully regulated interface.

Celebrated for its user-friendly design and smooth Euro (EUR) deposit process, eToro operates under stringent oversight by prominent European regulatory bodies, solidifying its trustworthiness in Austria. The platform offers a variety of investment options with multiple deposit avenues, including bank transfers, SEPA, credit/debit cards, and other locally favored methods. eToro's commitment to affordable commissions and favorable spreads positions it as a leading choice for cryptocurrency investment.

  • Fees: eToro implements a variable spread fee structure, typically around 1%.
  • Supported Assets: eToro's portfolio spans over 4,500 assets, featuring prime cryptocurrencies, ETFs, and stocks.
  • Regulatory Compliance: eToro adheres to guidelines established by key European financial watchdogs, ensuring alignment with Austrian regulatory standards.
  • EUR Deposit Methods: Includes bank transfers, debit/credit cards, and other preferred Austrian channels.
Best Crypto Exchange Austria - eToro

2. Bitpanda

Bitpanda firmly establishes itself as the second-leading cryptocurrency exchange in Austria, validated by its license from the Austrian Financial Market Authority (FMA). Headquartered in Vienna, Bitpanda presents a diverse array of offerings, encompassing the trading of over 3,000 cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, and more. The platform is particularly recognized for its cryptocurrency staking services, supporting various assets like Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), Cosmos (ATOM), and other proof-of-stake coins.

The platform ensures smooth and fee-free Euro (EUR) deposits from any Austrian bank and accommodates a variety of payment options, including Apple Pay and Google Pay. Bitpanda distinguishes itself as one of the most rigorously regulated platforms in the region, possessing licenses from the Austrian FMA, Germany's BaFin, and VASP licenses in key markets such as Spain and Italy.

  • Fees: Trading fees are set at 0.2%, with spreads around 1%.
  • Supported Assets: Offers an extensive range of over 2,500 cryptocurrencies, along with stocks, ETFs, and precious metals. Also includes support for crypto asset staking.
  • Regulation & Licensing: Regulated by the Austrian FMA and BaFin in Germany, ensuring accessibility and reliability for Austrian investors.
  • EUR Deposit Methods: Includes bank transfer, debit/credit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, among others.

3. Bybit

Securing the third position in our assessment of cryptocurrency exchanges is Bybit. This platform is tailored to cater to many investors, especially those interested in options and perpetual futures contracts. Bybit's extensive selection, featuring over 1,000 digital assets, combined with efficient Euro deposit options, suits the varied needs of the Austrian market excellently. The platform is renowned for its user-friendly interface and strong security protocols.

Bybit goes beyond just cryptocurrencies, offering futures contracts with up to 25x leverage, and a continually growing NFT marketplace, thus broadening the trading opportunities for crypto enthusiasts. With competitive maker fees of only 0.01% and taker fees at 0.06%, and compliance with rigorous European regulatory standards, Bybit is recognized as a highly reliable option for traders in Austria.

  • Fees: Maker fees are competitively low at 0.01%, with taker fees set at 0.06%.
  • Supported Cryptocurrencies: Provides a wide array of over 1,000 digital assets.
  • Regulation & Licensing: Adheres to European regulatory frameworks and operates in over 180 countries.
  • Euro Deposit Methods: Features a range of options such as SEPA transfers, bank transfers, debit and credit cards, Google Pay, and 20 other methods.
Bybit Austria

4. Uphold

Uphold claims the fourth rank among cryptocurrency exchanges in Austria, known for its over 260 digital assets for trading and staking. This platform operates under the scrutiny of respected financial authorities, providing a secure trading space for Austrian users. Uphold stands out for its swift and economical Euro (EUR) deposit options, which include Bank Transfer, SEPA, Credit Card, and Debit Card.

In the Austrian market, Uphold is particularly recognized for its commitment to transparency and security. It is among the few exchanges offering an audited proof-of-reserves, providing real-time data on customer fund protection and ensuring that assets are consistently fully backed 1:1. This emphasis on clarity and accountability makes Uphold a highly secure and trusted exchange.

  • Fees: 1% trading fee and 1% spread fee.
  • Supported Assets: A wide portfolio of 260 cryptocurrencies and 4 precious metals.
  • Regulation & Licensing: Licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and operational in Austria.
  • EUR Deposit Methods: Includes SEPA, Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, along with Google Pay and Apple Pay, accommodating a broad user base.

5. Kraken

Kraken emerges as the fifth-best cryptocurrency exchange in Austria, particularly excelling in serving institutional and retail crypto markets. With remarkable quarterly trading volumes exceeding $207 billion, Kraken's popularity extends through Europe. The platform facilitates trading and staking in over 250 cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana, plus a range of emerging tokens.

Austrian investors appreciate Kraken's dedication to an outstanding user experience, highlighted by its acclaimed mobile apps on the App Store and Google Play. Kraken's staking services are notable, offering up to 25% annual rewards (APY). Kraken Pro, tailored for professional and institutional investors in Austria, offers narrow spreads, significant liquidity, and high deposit limits, affirming Kraken's status as a dependable exchange.

  • Fees: Maker Orders at 0.01% and Taker Orders at 0.02%.
  • Supported Assets: Over 250 spot markets and more than 100 margin trading markets.
  • Regulation & Licensing: Complies with top-tier European financial regulations, available in Austria with EUR banking support.
  • EUR Deposit Methods: Includes SEPA Transfer, SWIFT, Bank Transfers, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and more.

Is Crypto Regulated in Austria?

In Austria, cryptocurrency regulation reflects a balance between innovation support and regulatory oversight. The Financial Market Authority (FMA) encourages blockchain and digital assets, focusing on integrity and security, especially in anti-money laundering. Cryptocurrencies, while not directly regulated, are subject to increased scrutiny by the FMA, especially for virtual asset service providers.

Starting mid-2024, the EU-wide Regulation on Markets in Crypto-assets (MiCA) will introduce a comprehensive framework governing crypto assets. MiCA will standardize transparency, disclosure, and authorization for crypto-asset service providers across Europe, aiming to enhance market integrity and safeguard against market manipulation.

Currently, Austria classifies cryptocurrencies as commodities, thus outside direct FMA supervision. However, cryptocurrency-related activities might require licensing under financial services legislation, based on the specific business model. The FMA's technology-neutral stance ensures consistent regulation across different technologies, with rules based on risk assessment. The regulatory landscape for crypto in Austria is, therefore, nuanced and requires careful consideration of individual cases.

Is Cryptocurrency Taxed in Austria?

In Austria, the Austrian Tax Authority imposes a 27.5% tax on cryptocurrency income, including sale profits, as specified in the Income Tax Act. This special rate is consistent, irrespective of the tax withholding method. Cryptocurrencies have been distinctly defined in the Act since March 2022, separating them from other income categories for tax purposes. Private cryptocurrency loan income, however, falls under progressive income tax rates. Cryptocurrency losses can be balanced against other capital gains, adhering to the tax authority's specific rules.

For businesses primarily engaged in cryptocurrency trading or mining, the tax treatment varies. Such activities attract either progressive income tax rates of up to 55% for individuals or a decreasing corporate tax rate, set to reach 23% by 2024. Starting 31 December 2023, the Austrian Tax Authority will mandate capital gains tax on cryptocurrency income. VAT exemptions are granted for cryptocurrency exchanges, under European Court of Justice decisions.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, our exploration of cryptocurrency exchanges in Austria provides a detailed guide for those interested in the digital currency space. We've spotlighted platforms that not only adhere to the strict standards of the Financial Market Authority (FMA) but also address the varied preferences of Austrian investors. From eToro's extensive asset offerings to Bitpanda's adherence to local regulations, Bybit's options for derivatives traders, Uphold's welcoming platform for beginners, and Kraken's specialized services for institutional investors, each exchange brings distinct advantages.

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