Best Crypto Exchanges in Nigeria

Best Crypto Exchanges in Nigeria

Unlock the secrets to the best crypto exchanges in Nigeria with our detailed analysis and guide. Start your investment journey today.

Summary: In Nigeria, acquiring Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is secure and straightforward, courtesy of platforms overseen by the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission. You can utilize popular payment methods like bank transfers, Quickteller, and Flutterwave to deposit Nigerian Naira (NGN) and commence buying, holding, or trading digital assets with assurance.

Our team has meticulously chosen the top 5 platforms in Nigeria to facilitate your smooth entry into the crypto universe with certainty. Here are the most suitable options for you:

  1. Bybit - Best Crypto Exchange in Nigeria
  2. Binance - Best Alternative Exchanges
  3. Luno  - Best African Crypto Exchange
  4. Kraken - Best for Institutional Investors in Nigeria 
  5. OKX - Best Platform for DeFi and NFTs
Best Crypto Exchange in Nigeria
5.0 out of 5.0 by Datawallet.
Bybit stands out as the top crypto exchange in Nigeria, offering seamless NGN deposits and a secure, user-friendly platform equipped with diverse trading options to facilitate an optimal investment experience.
Supported Cryptocurrencies
770+ Cryptocurrencies to buy and stake.
NGN Deposit Methods
Bank Transfer, Credit Card, Debit Card and more.
Regulation and Licensing
Licensed by CySEC, VARA and other Tier-1 Regulators.

Content Guide

Top Crypto Exchanges in Nigeria

After an extensive review of over 20 cryptocurrency platforms, we have pinpointed the premier ones perfectly crafted for investors in Nigeria. Our study highlights compliance with guidelines set by the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU), a vast array of supported cryptocurrencies, an easy-to-navigate user interface, Nigerian Naira (NGN) deposit options, and fair transaction fees. Discover our carefully curated list below for a detailed assessment of Nigeria's top five cryptocurrency trading platforms.

1. Bybit 

In the emerging crypto market of Nigeria, Bybit distinguishes itself as the prime choice for both seasoned traders and novice investors. Boasting a remarkable selection of over 770 crypto assets and speedy Nigerian Naira (NGN) deposit facilities, it is expertly tailored to cater to the distinct demands of the Nigerian market. This platform takes pride in its blend of user-friendly attributes and a robust, secure framework that has retained a spotless reputation.

Bybit transcends just versatility, establishing itself as the foremost exchange in Nigeria. Featuring futures contracts with up to 100x leverage, in addition to a flourishing NFT marketplace, it continually offers a broad and diverse range of trading prospects, solidifying its position as the favorite destination for crypto aficionados in Nigeria.

  • Fees: 0.1% trading fee and free Nigerian Naira (NGN) deposits.
  • Supported Assets: A comprehensive array of more than 770 cryptocurrencies.
  • Regulation & Licensing: Regulated and allowed to operate in Nigeria plus 180+ jurisdictions.‍
  • NGN Deposit Methods: Bank Transfers, PalmPay, Debit Card and Credit Card.
Best Crypto Exchange Nigeria - Bybit

2. Binance

Binance emerges as the second most favorable exchange, solidifying its standing as one of the largest and most reliable platforms globally, hosting over 100 million users across 130 countries. This platform offers a wide range of trading options, including spot trading, margin trading, and futures trading covering over 350 crypto assets. Additionally, it presents a rich array of tools and services, making it a preferred choice for a diverse group of traders.

In the Nigerian market, Binance garners our hearty recommendation due to its extensive support in English and swift NGN deposits through numerous local banks and payment channels. With a significant community of local investors and a considerable presence in the region, Binance continually amplifies its reputation as a dependable platform for both newcomers and seasoned traders in Nigeria.

  • Fees: Variable deposit fees (depending on the method) and withdrawals are free. A 0.1% flat trading fee for spot and 0.02%/0.07% maker/taker rebate. 
  • Supported Assets: 350+ cryptocurrencies. 
  • Regulation & Licensing: Authorized to operate in Nigeria and 100+ other jurisdictions. 
  • NGN Deposit Methods: Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer & Flutterwave.
Binance Nigeria

3. Luno

Securing the third spot in our ranking for Nigeria is Luno, a platform characterized by its simplicity and inclusivity in introducing millions globally to the world of cryptocurrency. A registered entity with the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU), Luno emphasizes adherence to world-class KYC and AML compliance frameworks, constantly collaborating with regulators in Nigeria to foster crypto industry regulations that are both effective and apt for the country's context.

In Nigeria, Luno offers a diverse portfolio of cryptocurrencies accessible via NGN, including popular assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, USDC, XRP, Litecoin, Chainlink, Uniswap, Cardano, Solana, and Avalanche. Getting started is as simple as verifying your Luno account to Level 2 or above, followed by using vouchers to fund your NGN wallet. This facilitates seamless purchasing through the Instant Buy function on their app and exchange.

  • Fees: Luno charges a fee of 1% on fiat-to-crypto and 0.25% for crypto-to-crypto trades. 
  • Supported Assets: 20+ Cryptocurrencies.
  • Regulation & Licensing: Luno is registered with the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU).
  • NGN Deposit Methods: Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit cards, or PayPal.

4. Kraken

Securing the fourth spot in Nigeria's bustling crypto market is Kraken, a platform well-received by both beginners and seasoned investors in the region. Though it operates globally, Kraken has successfully tailored its services to suit the specific demands of the Nigerian market. With a robust selection of over 250 cryptocurrencies, including well-known names like Bitcoin and Ethereum, it has become a vital hub for crypto enthusiasts in Nigeria.

Kraken takes the user experience up a notch with its easy-to-navigate mobile apps, available on the most popular platforms, allowing for effortless trading no matter where you are. Additionally, it offers lucrative staking services, where users can enjoy up to 25% in annual rewards. Kraken Pro, the platform's advanced feature set, promises deep liquidity and narrow spreads, solidifying its position as a reliable and effective platform for investors in Nigeria.

  • Fees: A low 0.01% for maker orders and 0.02% for taker orders. 
  • Supported Assets: A vast selection of over 250 cryptocurrencies. 
  • Regulation & Licensing: Fully authorized to operate in Nigeria and across more than 190 other countries globally. 
  • NGN Deposit Methods: Simple options such as credit and debit card transactions.

5. OKX

Securing the fifth spot in our handpicked list for crypto aficionados in Nigeria is OKX. This dynamic platform is renowned for its high liquidity in mainstay assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, along with favored stablecoins such as USDT and USDC. Featuring over 340 prime crypto assets, OKX evolves beyond a mere trading hub, blossoming into a comprehensive financial nucleus for crypto enthusiasts in Nigeria.

A salient attribute of OKX is its robust and trustworthy DeFi ecosystem, underpinned by its native OKT Chain, parallel to functionalities seen in Binance's BNB Chain. This chain promotes lucrative returns on DeFi protocols, offering seasoned users the prospect to undertake slightly higher risks for potentially substantial rewards. Moreover, OKX affords a range of trading avenues, including spot, margin, futures, and options trading, supplemented by an NFT marketplace and tools for efficient DeFi portfolio management.

  • Fees: 0.1% fee on spot markets and a futures maker/taker rebate of 0.02%/0.05%. 
  • Supported Assets: Over 340 cryptocurrencies. 
  • Regulation & Licensing: Licensed to operate in Nigeria and 60+ other jurisdictions globally.
  • NGN Deposit Methods: Credit/Debit Card and Bank Transfers.
OKX Nigeria

Is Crypto Legal in Nigeria?

Yes, buying and trading cryptocurrencies is permissible in Nigeria. In the initial stages, the Central Bank of Nigeria exhibited a cautious stance towards the use of cryptocurrencies, issuing warnings against utilizing them for payment transactions, as they were not recognized as legitimate mediums of exchange. However, this position did not culminate in an outright ban on cryptocurrency trading.

Later on, substantial advancements were observed in the regulatory landscape. The Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) has played a pivotal role in formulating guidelines that govern the crypto sphere in the country, ensuring that transactions are conducted within a regulated and secure framework. This proactive approach has paved the way for a more controlled and safe environment for crypto enthusiasts and investors in Nigeria, endorsing the legal acquisition, sale, and trading of cryptocurrencies.

How to Buy Bitcoin and Crypto in Nigeria

Embarking on your journey to purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Nigeria can be smooth and compliant with the law when you follow this detailed yet simple guide:

  1. Select a Recognized Platform: Choose platforms that operate in alignment with regulations set forth by the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) to ensure safe and legitimate transactions.
  2. Set Up and Authenticate Your Account: Begin by registering with your email address, creating a sturdy password, and undergoing the KYC (Know Your Customer) process. This entails submitting necessary identification documents and proof of residence.
  3. Deposit NGN: Inject funds into your account using diverse methods like bank transfers or e-wallets compatible with Nigerian Naira (NGN).
  4. Purchase Cryptocurrency: Navigate to the section of the platform where you can buy cryptocurrencies. Choose your preferred cryptocurrency, specify the amount you want to spend in NGN or the selected crypto, and finalize the transaction.
  5. Safeguard Your Assets: To bolster the security of your investments, it's recommended to move your newly acquired cryptocurrencies to a personal wallet.

By strictly following this guide and selecting a trustworthy, regulated platform, you can engage in legal and secure cryptocurrency acquisitions in Nigeria, setting the stage for a seamless and secure investment experience.

Bottom Line

In Nigeria, engaging in cryptocurrency transactions is both secure and straightforward, thanks to platforms regulated by the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission. Following rigorous evaluations, the top five cryptocurrency platforms in Nigeria have been identified as Bybit, Binance, Luno, Kraken, and OKX.

These platforms stand out for their vast range of supported cryptocurrencies, ease of use, swift NGN deposit options, and adherence to guidelines set by the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU). Despite initial reservations, the Central Bank of Nigeria has warmed up to cryptocurrencies, with the NFIU playing an instrumental role in creating a controlled and safe environment for crypto trading.

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