Summary: BloFin is a no-KYC cryptocurrency exchange, supporting over 500 cryptocurrencies with advanced features like high-leverage futures and copy trading. With robust security measures such as 1:1 proof of reserves, Merkle Tree verification, and partnerships with Fireblocks and AnChain.AI, it rivals top exchanges like OKX. 

Despite its FinCEN registration and CIMA-compliant fund license, users should proceed with caution due to its operation in the Cayman Islands, which is a regulatory grey area.

BloFin Review
5.0 out of 5.0 by Datawallet.

BloFin is a top no-KYC cryptocurrency exchange that supports over 500 cryptocurrencies, offers advanced trading options like high leverage futures, and ensures strong security protocols for user assets.

Available Assets

500+ Cryptocurrencies

Key Features

Spot, Futures, Copy Trading, Staking and more.

Deposit Methods

Bank Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card, PayPal and more.

What is BloFin?

BloFin is the most popular no-KYC cryptocurrency exchange and is one of the last remaining after popular alternatives like MEXC and KuCoin implemented KYC. Founded in September 2019 by Matt H, a blockchain influencer and member of Cointelegraph's Top 100 Influencers in Blockchain in 2020, BloFin has established itself as a key player in crypto trading. 

Supporting over 500 cryptocurrencies, BloFin offers a wide range of trading pairs and features like copy trading and strategic hedging. The exchange offers deep liquidity on spot and futures trading pairs, making it a great choice for experienced investors looking to trade crypto markets without identification. Additionally, BloFin provides educational resources through BloFin Academy to help users stay informed about market developments.

What is BloFin?

BloFin Key Features

BloFin offers a range of best-in-class features that make it competitive with tier-1 exchanges like Bybit and OKX. Here are some of the key features of their trading platform:

  • No-KYC Trading: BloFin is one of the last major cryptocurrency exchanges that does not require Know Your Customer (KYC) verification, enabling greater privacy for users.
  • Extensive Cryptocurrency Support: The platform supports over 500 cryptocurrencies, offering a wide range of trading pairs.
  • Advanced Security Measures: BloFin ensures user asset security with a 1:1 proof of reserves policy, Merkle Tree verification, and Fireblocks asset custody and insurance.
  • High Leverage Futures Trading: Users can trade crypto futures with leverage up to 150x, providing opportunities for significant returns.
  • Copy Trading: This feature allows users to replicate the trades of experienced traders, making advanced strategies accessible to all.
  • Educational Resources: BloFin Academy offers extensive educational materials to keep users informed about the latest market developments.
  • Competitive Fees: BloFin provides competitive trading fees and special promotions, such as zero maker fees and discounted taker fees.
  • High Liquidity: Deep liquidity ensures quick and efficient trade execution without significant price slippage.
  • Mobile Accessibility: The BloFin app allows full platform functionality and benefits from mobile devices on iOS and Android.
BloFin Key Features

Is BloFin Regulated?

BloFin, based in the Cayman Islands, is not explicitly regulated by any specific financial authority. However, it adheres to industry best practices for security and transparency. The platform partners with Fireblocks, a leading provider of secure digital asset transfer and storage solutions, and AnChain.AI, an AI-powered blockchain security firm specializing in risk management and compliance. 

BloFin utilizes 1:1 proof of reserves and Merkle Tree verification to ensure asset security. Users should conduct their due diligence before trading on BloFin.

BloFin Trading Fees

BloFin offers a transparent and competitive fee structure:

Trading Fees:

  • Spot Trading: Fees start at 0.1000% for both makers and takers at VIP0. Higher VIP levels enjoy lower fees, with VIP1 at 0.0350% (maker) and 0.0600% (taker), and VIP5 at 0.0100% (maker) and 0.0325% (taker).
  • Futures Trading: Fees range from 0.0200% to 0.1000% for makers and 0.0500% to 0.1000% for takers, based on VIP levels.

VIP Levels:

  • Achieve higher VIP levels by increasing your 30-day trading volume or asset balance. For example, VIP1 requires 1,000,000 USDT in trading volume or 50,000 USDT in assets.

Fee Calculation:

  • 30-day Trading Volume: Total volume of futures and spot trades over the past 30 days.
  • Total Assets: Daily snapshot of all crypto assets.

This clear fee schedule allows users to trade confidently, minimizing costs through increased activity and asset holdings.

BloFin Trading Fees

Is BloFin Available in the USA?

Yes, BloFin is available in the USA. The platform adheres to regulatory requirements and has secured a USA federal MSB (Money Services Business) registration through FINCEN. Additionally, BloFin holds a CIMA-compliant fund license, ensuring compliance with relevant financial regulations.

This allows US users to trade on BloFin with confidence, knowing that the platform meets stringent regulatory standards.

BloFin Affiliate Program

The BloFin Affiliate Program offers a great way to earn commissions by referring users to the platform. Here's how you can benefit:

How Does the BloFin Affiliate Program Work?

  • Apply to be an Affiliate: Anyone with a broad network can apply.
  • Promote BloFin: Refer BloFin through articles, blog posts, videos, or ads on your websites.
  • Earn Commissions: Receive commissions on every trade made by users who sign up through your link.

BloFin Affiliate Program Benefits:

  • Lifetime Commission: Earn a share of your invitees' trading fees for life.
  • Industry-Leading Commission: Get up to 50% commission on futures trading fees.
  • Daily Compensation: Payments are calculated and processed daily.
  • Invite to Earn More: Earn extra commission by inviting sub-affiliates.
  • Affiliate Invitation System: Both you and your sub-affiliates earn together.

Become a BloFin Affiliate now and join a community of crypto enthusiasts while earning significant rewards.

Bottom Line

BloFin distinguishes itself as a leading no-KYC cryptocurrency exchange, offering extensive support for over 500 cryptocurrencies and advanced trading features. With strong security measures, competitive fees, and high liquidity, it rivals top exchanges like OKX and Binance. 

The platform's regulatory compliance, particularly in the USA, and its comprehensive affiliate program offer additional benefits for users looking to trade or promote BloFin. However, users should proceed with caution due to BloFin operating in a regulatory grey area.