Solana to Avalanche Bridge

Solana to Avalanche Bridge

A short and detailed guide to bridging cryptocurrencies from Avalanche to Solana.

TLDR: Bridging between these Layer 1 blockchains can be done with your MetaMask wallet, Phantom wallet and a cross-chain bridge. We recommend the  Portal Bridge as the safest and easiest multi-chain DEX to bridge assets between Avalanche and Solana.

The process should take only a few minutes and will cost less than $10 in fees if you are moving from AVAX to Solana, or the other way around.

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How to Bridge from Avalanche to Solana

Follow the comprehensive 4 step guide below to bridge your assets from Avalanche (AVAX) to Solana (SOL) in a safe and easy way.

Step 1: Install & Setup your MetaMask wallet

First, you will need to get a MetaMask wallet. This wallet can be downloaded from your mobile app stores or web store. When installed, create an account and ensure to keep your seed phrase safe. When you’ve opened an account, visit Chainlist to add the Avalanche network to your MetaMask. This process should only take a few seconds.

Install MetaMask.

Step 2: Open a Phantom wallet

Unlike Ethereum or other EVM-compatible blockchains, Solana was built on Rust which is not supported by MetaMask. You would need to install the Phantom wallet on your device to gain access to the Solana network. Like MetaMask, you can get this application on your mobile app stores or web store.

Install Phantom Wallet.

Step 3: Visit Portal Bridge

Once you have installed both wallets, visit Portal bridge to migrate your cryptocurrencies to Solana. On Portal, click on “Transfer Token” to begin the bridging process.

Step 4: Bridge Assets

First, you will need to select Avalanche as the network you are sending from.  Then connect your MetaMask and choose the token you wish to transfer and your desired amount. Select Solana as your target network and connect to your Phantom wallet. Click next, and confirm the transaction. Ensure that you have some funds on both blockchains to pay for network fees.

How to Bridge from Avalanche to Solana.

Avalanche to Solana Bridging Fees

Both Solana and Avalanche are cheap and fast Layer 1 networks that are built with a proof-of-stake consensus model. When bridging assets across these networks with Portal bridge, users can expect to pay a maximum of $5 per transaction.

Is Portal Bridge Safe?

Though the protocol claims to be safe, Portal bridge has once suffered a hack of over $100 million. The loss from this hack was reimbursed by Jump Crypto; a primary investor of Portal bridge. This means that although there may be risks, if there are further smart contract breaches in the future, it is likely to be backstopped by the platform’s investors.

Final Thoughts

While Portal bridge has been hacked in the past, the protocol has proven to be secure and has been adopted by a lot of users. Currently, the bridge supports eight blockchains and is the best way to bridge between Avalanche and Solana.

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