How to Bridge to Arbitrum

How to Bridge to Arbitrum

Discover the ease of bridging assets to Arbitrum with our guide, covering secure transfers, low fees, and a range of compatible tokens.

Summary: Bridging assets to Arbitrum is streamlined and cost-effective, especially when using Across Protocol, a multi-chain bridging platform compatible with major wallets. It supports transferring various tokens (like WETH, USDT, USDC, DAI) from networks such as ETH mainnet and other popular EVM-based layer 2’s.

Across is highly regarded for its low fees (0.06% to 0.12% per transaction) and minimal slippage, making it an attractive choice for secure, efficient cross-chain transfers. The process involves simple steps like linking your wallet, selecting networks, choosing tokens, and confirming transactions, with tools available to estimate total costs.

Best Arbitrum Bridge
5.0 out of 5.0 by Datawallet
Across stands out as the premier choice for bridging to Arbitrum due to its efficient, secure, and low-cost platform, supporting a variety of tokens and integrating seamlessly with major wallets.
Supported Chains
Arbitrum, Ethereum, Base, zkSync, Polygon and more.
Supported Tokens
Total Volume
Across has facilitated over $3.5 billion in cross-chain transactions.

Across and UMA's oracle have undergone extensive security audits conducted by OpenZeppelin.

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Can I Bridge to Arbitrum?

Yes, transferring assets to Arbitrum from other networks like ETH mainnet, Polygon, Base, Solana, and zkSync is straightforward and cost-effective. This is achieved through the use of trusted multi-chain crypto bridging platforms. These services are compatible with widely used wallets like MetaMask and Phantom, ensuring secure asset transfers. Arbitrum bridges are often equipped to handle a range of liquid tokens like WETH, USDT, USDC, and DAI, facilitating diverse cross-chain transactions.

How to Bridge to Arbitrum

To facilitate seamless asset transfers to Arbitrum from various EVM-compatible blockchains, Across stands out as a highly efficient solution. Celebrated for its capital-efficient and secure transfers, Across provides a cost-effective approach to bridging digital assets to layer 2 networks. With its proven security credentials and competitive transaction fees, it has successfully handled over $3.5 billion in cross-chain transactions. Additionally, Across supports easy integration with widely-used wallets such as MetaMask, enhancing user convenience.

You can follow these steps to bridge tokens using Across on Arbitrum:

  1. Navigate to the Across website and link your digital wallet.
  2. Select your source network and set Arbitrum as your destination network.
  3. Choose the token you wish to transfer. Input the desired amount for bridging.
  4. Confirm the transaction details, then proceed per your wallet's guidelines to finalize the transfer.

Arbitrum Bridge Fees

When transferring assets to Arbitrum, it's crucial to understand the associated costs. Platforms like Across Protocol, known for bridging to Arbitrum, typically charge a transaction fee between 0.06% to 0.12% of the total transfer value. This rate is quite competitive, especially compared to other bridge services that might charge higher fees.

The gas fees, which are necessary for transaction processing, depend on the origin chain. For transfers originating from the Ethereum mainnet to Arbitrum, gas fees can be around $10, given an Ethereum gas price of about 10 GWEI. However, when moving assets from other EVM-compatible chains to Arbitrum, the gas fees are generally lower, often less than $0.10. 

Across also provides a useful tool for estimating the total cost of your transaction, helping you plan your transfer with better financial insight.

About Arbitrum

Arbitrum, a leading Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, boosts efficiency and broadens blockchain accessibility. Its Arbitrum Nitro Stack, comprising Arbitrum Rollup and Arbitrum AnyTrust, enhances throughput, lowers transaction costs, and ensures Ethereum compatibility, all under rigorous security protocols. Arbitrum Rollup scales decentralized apps with reduced fees, and AnyTrust is tailored for low-cost transactions in gaming and social apps.

Arbitrum also allows for the creation of customized chains through Arbitrum Orbit, providing an ecosystem of interconnected, customizable chains with varied features to suit different project needs. This innovative technology positions Arbitrum as a leader in blockchain scalability, supporting a wide range of applications and fostering growth in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, bridging assets to Arbitrum via Across Protocol offers a seamless, secure, and cost-efficient solution for users looking to move various tokens across different blockchain networks. Its compatibility with leading wallets, low transaction fees, and the convenience of estimating costs through its tools make it a top choice for those seeking efficient asset transfers to Arbitrum. This platform not only simplifies the process but also ensures that users can confidently manage their cross-chain transactions with minimal hassle and maximum security.

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