Summary: Transferring assets to Stargaze from Ethereum and Cosmos networks is easy and secure using Gravity Bridge, which supports wallets like Keplr and MetaMask. Fees vary, with Ethereum transfers typically costing more.

Stargaze offers a robust, zero-gas fee platform for NFT and DeFi activities, ensuring creators earn royalties and enhancing security through the STARS token and a strong validator network.

Best Cosmos Bridge
4.9 out of 5.0 by Datawallet

As the official bridge for Cosmos, Gravity Bridge excels in offering secure, efficient, and cost-effective asset transfers within the ecosystem.

Supported Chains

Cosmos, Ethereum, Osmosis, EVMOS and more.

Supported Assets



No fees (not including network Gas fees).

Can I Bridge to Stargaze?

Yes, you can transfer assets to Stargaze from Ethereum and Cosmos-based networks using a compatible cross-chain bridge. This supports wallets such as Keplr and MetaMask, enabling secure transactions for ETH, ATOM, USDT, and other tokens. This process ensures safe and efficient asset transfers across different blockchain networks.

How to Bridge to Stargaze

or transferring assets to Stargaze, using Gravity Bridge is highly recommended. Developed by the Interchain Foundation, Gravity Bridge facilitates secure and efficient transfers from Ethereum and Cosmos chains to the Stargaze network. It supports MetaMask and Stargaze-compatible wallets, ensuring a smooth process for a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Here's a simple guide on using Gravity Bridge for asset transfers to Stargaze:

  1. Access Gravity Bridge: Visit the Gravity Bridge website and connect your MetaMask and Stargaze-compatible wallet.
  2. Select Destination: Choose Stargaze as the target network for your assets in the bridging interface.
  3. Choose Cryptocurrency: Select the cryptocurrency you wish to transfer and enter the desired amount.
  4. Initiate Transfer: Click 'Bridge' to start the transfer process and follow the prompts in your wallet to complete the transaction.

What are the Fees?

Bridging fees to Stargaze in the Cosmos network depend on the source chain. Transfers from Ethereum typically incur higher costs, around $20, due to Ethereum's network transaction fees. In contrast, transfers from Cosmos-compatible chains to Stargaze are more affordable, generally ranging from $1 to $5.

Stargaze transactions involve a minimal cross-chain transfer fee, usually below $0.01, balancing cost-effectiveness with network maintenance. For large transactions exceeding $10,000, be mindful of potential slippage that might affect the asset value. Always review transaction details carefully.

About Stargaze

Stargaze, a Cosmos app chain, innovates the NFT and DeFi sectors by allowing creators, traders, and developers to earn on-chain royalties and real yields from staking. It provides a comprehensive suite of NFT tools, from minting to advanced NFT-Fi functionalities, catering to both beginners and experienced traders. Key features include zero gas transaction fees, chain-enforced royalties to ensure creators' earnings, and developer royalties from protocol fees.

Secured by 140 validators using CometBFT consensus and governed by the STARS token, Stargaze supports Interchain NFT standards and enhances network security through staking rewards and protocol activity yields, representing a significant advancement in the digital asset ecosystem.


Bottom Line

Transferring assets to Stargaze from Ethereum and Cosmos networks is straightforward with Gravity Bridge, supporting secure transactions via wallets like Keplr and MetaMask. Fees vary by source chain, with Ethereum transfers typically higher. Stargaze offers a robust platform for NFT and DeFi activities, featuring zero gas fees and enforced royalties, secured by a strong network and the STARS token.