How to Buy Crypto with 1822direkt

How to Buy Crypto with 1822direkt

Explore the world of crypto with 1822direkt: secure transfers to regulated exchanges for safe and compliant Bitcoin trading and investment.

Summary: 1822direkt offers indirect access to the cryptocurrency market for its customers. It doesn't directly provide trading services but ensures secure fund transfers to regulated exchanges, adhering to the standards of the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). This allows German investors to confidently engage in trading assets like Bitcoin, knowing their transactions are handled securely and in compliance with regulatory requirements.

For 1822direkt clients interested in the crypto market, Bitpanda emerges as the recommended exchange. Under the regulatory oversight of BaFin, Bitpanda upholds stringent safety and compliance standards in digital currency trading. It provides a range of funding options in Euros and offers an extensive selection of over 3,000 assets, including cryptocurrencies, stocks, and ETFs, catering to a diverse investment interest.

Top Crypto Platform for 1822direkt
4.9 out of 5.0 by Datawallet
Bitpanda emerges as the optimal platform for 1822direkt users due to its seamless Euro transfer process, extensive digital asset portfolio, cost-effective fee structure, crypto staking options, and adherence to stringent BaFin regulations.
BaFin, ESMA, CySEC and more
Available Assets
3,000+ Crypto, Stocks, ETFs and more
Deposit Methods
Sofort, SEPA bank transfer, credit card, debit card and more

Bitpanda Financial Services GmbH is licensed by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) and across Europe.

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Can I Buy Crypto with 1822direkt?

Absolutely, 1822direkt provides its clients with access to the exciting world of digital assets by approving transfers to regulated exchanges. For those interested in acquiring Bitcoin or various tokens, it's essential to sign up with a reliable German cryptocurrency investment platform that supports deposits in Euros. Using an exchange overseen by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) is imperative for safeguarding investments and upholding consumer rights.

How to Buy Crypto with 1822direkt

1822direkt clients who are keen to dive into digital currency investment can leverage Bitpanda, a trusted platform conforming to BaFin's stringent regulatory standards. This platform enables easy Euro deposits using various payment options, including bank transfers, SEPA, and credit cards. Bitpanda offers an expansive range of over 3,000 assets, encompassing a diverse selection of cryptocurrencies, stocks, and ETFs, thus providing extensive investment choices.

Follow this short guide to start your crypto investment journey with Bitpanda:

  1. Account Set-Up: Open a free account on Bitpanda and sign up. Secure your account by completing the verification steps.
  2. Deposit Funds: Access the 'Deposit' tab in your account to manage your investment funds.
  3. Select Payment Option: Choose 'EUR' as your currency. Select a payment method that seamlessly works with your 1822direkt account for hassle-free transactions.
  4. Begin Investing in Crypto: Once your account is funded, explore Bitpanda to pick and invest in the digital currencies of your choice.

What are the Fees?

1822direkt customers interested in cryptocurrency trading need to be aware of the fees involved. These expenses encompass charges for funding and withdrawing funds, along with trading costs and spreads, which are the differences between bid and ask prices. In Germany, selecting an economical trading platform aligns with prudent financial management. This platform stands out for its seamless Euro funding process, compliant with SEPA and German banking protocols.

For 1822direkt users, Bitpanda presents an attractive fee structure, imposing only a 1% spread fee. This rate is notably lower than many competitors, like Coinbase, which typically incurs around a 2% fee. Bitpanda's lack of additional direct charges makes it a financially appealing choice for those entering the crypto market.

Is 1822direkt Crypto-Friendly? 

1822direkt approaches cryptocurrency with a meticulous yet progressive mindset, adhering to Germany's stringent regulatory landscape and the guidelines of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). This cautious yet adaptive approach ensures that the bank’s customers engage in crypto-related activities within a framework that upholds security and regulatory compliance, showcasing the bank's prudent but open stance towards digital currencies.

This perspective is a reflection of the overall ethos within the German banking industry, which skillfully marries innovation with prudence. It underscores a strong commitment to regulatory adherence and places a high emphasis on safeguarding client interests. 1822direkt's position on digital currencies strikes a harmonious balance, recognizing the potential and significance of cryptocurrencies while rigorously upholding standards in regulatory compliance and risk management processes.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, while 1822direkt does not directly enable cryptocurrency transactions, it provides an avenue for its customers to dive into the world of digital assets by utilizing regulated exchanges such as Bitpanda. We recommend this platform as it provides free and instant EUR deposits, a BaFin-regulated investment environment, competitive fees and a wide range of 3,000+ cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities and ETFs.

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