Can I buy Cryptocurrency on Bangkok Bank?

As previously mentioned, Thai residents cannot currently invest in cryptocurrencies directly through Bangkok Bank. The only way to buy crypto is by using a licensed digital asset exchange.

With OKX users can purchase cryptocurrency with Thai Baht (THB) straight from their Bangkok Bank account without having to transfer funds elsewhere or use an intermediary service. If you're interested in learning more about this exchange, visit our detailed OKX Review.

OKX Exchange.

How to buy Bitcoin with Bangkok Bank

The easiest and safest way to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with Bangkok Bank is by using the OKX exchange. OKX supports dozens of THB payment methods including Bank Transfer, Credit/Debit Cards, PromptPay, True Money and more. Follow the below steps to get started.

  1. Open a free account on OKX and complete the verification requirements.
  2. Tap 'Buy Crypto' and pick a deposit method.
  3. Select the Crypto you want to buy and a vendor you wish to use.
  4. Input the amount you want to invest and click 'Buy' to execute your trade.
How to buy Bitcoin with Bangkok Bank.

What are the fees involved in buying Crypto?

The fees for buying crypto with Bangkok Bank via OKX are competitively low with free THB payment methods. The trading fee is 0.2%, but there is also no minimum deposit requirement so you can start trading crypto with just a few baht if desired.

About Bangkok Bank

Bangkok Bank is the oldest and most established financial institution in Thailand. It is the largest commercial bank in Thailand, providing a wide range of banking services to both individuals and businesses. It offers online banking, mobile app banking, ATM services, credit cards and other retail products.

It was founded in 1944, and is today one of the most respected and trusted banks in the country. Bangkok Bank also has a presence in other countries such as Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, China and Hong Kong.

Buy Crypto Bangkok Bank.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if you are looking to invest in cryptocurrency with your Thai Baht using the Bangkok Bank online portal or mobile app, then OKX is the best option for you. Their platform is regulated, secure and provides an easy way to get started trading crypto right away.