How to Buy Crypto with Cash App

How to Buy Crypto with Cash App

Find out how to buy crypto with Cash App, assess transaction fees, and consider the security and privacy aspects compared to other exchanges.

Summary: Cash App facilitates Bitcoin purchases but may not be the optimal choice due to potential security issues and higher fees than dedicated crypto exchanges. Users seeking a broader crypto portfolio can transfer funds from Cash App to Kraken, celebrated for its security, selection of over 200 cryptocurrencies and low fees.

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5.0 out of 5.0 by Datawallet.
Kraken stands out as the best platform for cryptocurrency trading in the USA due to its impressive combination of high security, regulatory compliance, and a diverse range of over 250 digital assets.
Licensing & Regulation
Supported Assets
200+ Cryptocurrencies to trade and stake.
USD Deposit Methods
ACH Transfer, Debit Card, Credit Card, Plaid and more.

Kraken is a regulated U.S. entity with FinCEN registration and a Special Purpose Depository Institution charter in Wyoming for digital asset-related services.

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Can I Buy Crypto with Cash App?

Yes, Cash App allows its users to easily purchase Bitcoin directly within its app. However, it’s essential to understand that while convenient, Cash App might not always be the best choice for buying Bitcoin due to its security and privacy limitations compared to specialized cryptocurrency exchanges in the USA.

Additionally, the transaction fees for buying crypto on Cash App can be higher than on other platforms. Specifically, Cash App charges a service fee for each Bitcoin transaction, which may be higher than fees charged by many crypto exchanges. This could make it a less cost-effective option for frequent or large-volume traders.

How to Buy Crypto with Cash App

Purchasing cryptocurrencies becomes accessible and reliable when using Cash App to transfer funds to a regulated exchange like Kraken. Kraken is renowned for its adherence to regulatory standards, offering a secure platform recognized globally. It facilitates the transfer of funds via ACH from Cash App, allowing users to deposit USD seamlessly.

Here's how to leverage your Cash App for crypto investments through Kraken:

  1. Account Setup: Navigate to Kraken’s website to create your account.
  2. Transfer Funds: Initiate an ACH transfer from Cash App to your Kraken account for quick USD deposits.
  3. Explore Cryptos: Dive into Kraken’s wide range of over 200 cryptocurrencies, enjoying low fees and features like staking.
  4. Investment Execution: Decide on your investment amount, pick your desired cryptocurrency, and complete the purchase.
Buy Crypto with Cash App

What are the Fees?

For Cash App users venturing into the cryptocurrency space, understanding the transaction fees involved in buying and selling Bitcoin is crucial. These fees can vary, including charges for purchasing, transferring, and withdrawing cryptocurrencies.

Kraken offers a competitive edge for those expanding their crypto portfolio, with trading fees of just 0.16%. This rate is substantially lower compared to many mobile purchasing options. With the added benefit of free USD deposits through ACH, Kraken stands out for investors seeking value, especially when moving funds from Cash App.

Will Cash App Support Other Cryptocurrencies?

Considering Cash App's leadership, with Jack Dorsey at the helm, who is well-known for his strong support of Bitcoin, it appears unlikely that Cash App will expand its cryptocurrency selections. Dorsey's focus on Bitcoin over other cryptocurrencies implies a strategic decision to concentrate solely on Bitcoin, making the addition of other digital assets such as Ethereum or Solana less probable in the foreseeable future. This approach aligns with Dorsey's vision, emphasizing Bitcoin's unique value proposition within the platform's ecosystem.

Bottom Line

In summary, Cash App provides a straightforward way to buy Bitcoin, yet its potential security concerns and higher fees compared to specialized exchanges warrant looking at alternatives for a more diverse crypto portfolio. Kraken stands out for its security, wide cryptocurrency selection, and lower fees, making it an ideal choice for those transferring funds from Cash App.

Despite Cash App's ease of use for Bitcoin transactions, Jack Dorsey's focused vision suggests it may not expand its crypto offerings, emphasizing the importance of platforms like Kraken for broader investment strategies.

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