Can you Buy Crypto with Wells Fargo?

Yes, it is possible to buy cryptocurrencies with Wells Fargo. However, this can only be done through FinCEN-licensed digital asset exchanges that accept ACH transfers and deposits from Wells Fargo accounts. These exchanges comply with the necessary regulatory requirements and provide a secure and reliable platform for customers to invest in cryptocurrencies.

How to Buy Bitcoin or Crypto with Wells Fargo

If you want to buy cryptocurrency with your Wells Fargo account, the best method will be to do so is through eToro. Their platform offers instant and free USD deposits to trade over 70 cryptocurrencies with low fee s and tight spreads on their FinCEN & FINRA regulated platform.

You can follow this simple guide to started investing from Wells Fargo today:

  1. Visit eToro to sign up and verify your identity.
  2. Select the 'Deposit Funds' button on the bottom left of your screen.
  3. Select the amount of USD you want to deposit and your preferred deposit method (e.g Wells Fargo ACH Transfer or Debit/Credit Card).
  4. Complete the USD deposit and use the funds credited to your account to invest in cryptocurrencies.
Buy Crypto with Wells Fargo

What are the Fees?

The fees charged by Wells Fargo for investing in cryptocurrency can vary depending on the digital asset exchange you choose to use. Popular retail crypto platforms such as Coinbase and Kraken often have higher fees that can reach up to 2% per trade when factoring in fees and spreads.

If you're looking to avoid high fees, you might want to consider using a platform like eToro, which offers zero fees and tight spreads averaging around 1%. In addition, they provide free and instant USD deposits via Wells Fargo ACH Transfer to allow you to trade any asset available on their platform.

Is Wells Fargo Crypto-Friendly?

As a progressive financial institution, Wells Fargo supports customer engagement with digital currencies. They permit transactions with US-based cryptocurrency exchanges that hold FINRA licenses and FinCEN regulation.

While not providing direct crypto services, Wells Fargo acknowledges the value of access to regulated exchanges. To that end, Wells Fargo does not block crypto deposits, ensuring tjay customers have a secure route to digital currency investments while maintaining regulatory compliance.

About Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is one of the United States’ “Big Four Banks.” It is the result of a 1998 merger between Norwest Corporation and Wells Fargo & Company, the latter of which traces its origins back to 1852. As of 2019, Wells Fargo is the fourth largest bank in the US by assets. It has over 8,200 branches nationwide and serves approximately 70 million customers.

It operates through three main business segments: Community Banking, Wholesale Banking, and Wealth & Investment Management. Wells Fargo serves individuals, businesses, and institutions across the United States and internationally.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, while Wells Fargo does not directly offer cryptocurrency services, it facilitates a secure pathway for its customers into the digital asset world via recognized and regulated exchanges. The robust and cost-effective offerings of platforms like eToro, which blend a wide range of crypto asset options with low fees and fast deposits, present a compelling avenue for Wells Fargo account holders to venture into cryptocurrencies.