How to Convert Wrapped SOL (WSOL) to SOL

The safest way to convert WSOL to SOL tokens is with a trusted Solana wallet like Phantom. Their wallet has an in-built feature that allows users to seamlessly convert Wrapped SOL to SOL, or SOL into Wrapped SOL.

You can get started in minutes with our guide below:

  1. Open your Phantom Wallet browser extension.
  2. Find the Wrapped Solana (WSOL) asset in your wallet.
  3. Click on the "..." icon in the top right of your wallet.
  4. Click "Unwrap All" and the WSOL tokens will be automatically converted to SOL.

What is Wrapped SOL vs SOL token?

Wrapped SOL (WSOL) is a tokenized version of the Solana (SOL) cryptocurrency. This token allows users to trade and use the Solana network without having to pay any fees associated with sending or receiving SOL tokens on the blockchain. Wrapped SOL can be converted from the native SOL token by using an approved wallet like Phantom.

SOL is a decentralized cryptocurrency built on the Solana blockchain. This token is used for staking, trading, and other financial services available on the network. SOL tokens are required to pay fees associated with sending or receiving tokens on-chain.

Is Wrapped SOL Safe?

Yes, Wrapped SOL is a safe and secure way to transact with the Solana network. Wrapped tokens are backed 1:1 with real Solana (SOL) tokens and are audited regularly to ensure there is no price manipulation or fraud. Additionally, Phantom wallets are built on established security protocols which further increase user safety when converting WSOL to SOL tokens.

Is there a Fee for Converting Wrapped SOL to SOL?

Yes, the fees to convert Wrapped SOL to SOL is less than a fraction of a cent. This is because the network fees on the Solana blockchain  are much lower than other protocols like Ethereum.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, converting Wrapped Solana (WSOL) to Solana (SOL) is a simple and secure process using the Phantom Wallet. By opening the wallet, locating WSOL, and selecting "Unwrap," you can quickly convert your tokens.

Wrapped SOL is a safe and cost-effective way to engage with the Solana network, as it is backed by real SOL tokens and subject to regular audits. With minimal fees and robust security measures in place, converting WSOL to SOL using Phantom Wallet is a seamless and trustworthy experience.