How to Get Sui Testnet Tokens

How to Get Sui Testnet Tokens

A straightforward guide on obtaining Sui (SUI) testnet tokens from their faucet. Quickly get started and meet the eligibility criteria for the upcoming Sui airdrop.

Summary: The only way to acquire Sui (SUI) testnet tokens is by requesting them from the official SUI Discord. With this method, users will need to have a SUI Wallet and input their testnet wallet address to receive one free SUI token to be able to test applications on the network.

You can continue reading our comprehensive guide below for a step-by-step guide on getting started.

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How to Get Sui Testnet Tokens from Faucet

The Sui testnet has been deployed with dozens of live DeFi and GameFi applications available for users to test on the network. It is recommended that users start testing Sui before it goes to mainnet in order to get the maximum amount of tokens from their forthcoming community airdrop. In order to test applications on the new smart contract platform, you will need to first get SUI tokens from the faucet.

Here is our simple verified 4-step guide on how to acquire free SUI tokens to get started:

  1. Download and set up your Sui Wallet.
  2. Join the Sui Discord and verify your account.
  3. Find the #testnet-faucet channel on the SUI Discord
  4. Input your SUI wallet address and you will receive one free SUI token within 10 minutes of your message.
Get Sui Testnet Tokens

What Applications Can I Test on Sui?

Sui is still a relatively new Layer 1 blockchain that runs on a new programming language called "Move". This means that developers cannot simply fork another EVM-compatible application like Uniswap or AAVE and deploy it on the network. To that end, there are very few applications available to test on the network.

For a full list of available applications to test, we recommend checking out the Sui Official Partners guide that has all of the available dapps that have been deployed to the testnet so far. Some of these include Cramium, Wormhole, SuiNS and Axelar.

How do I Earn Sui Airdrop Tokens?

Sui has introduced its tokenomics plan, which involves a distribution of 594 million tokens. However, it's worth noting that early adopters and supporters of Sui won't receive a direct airdrop. Instead, they will have an exclusive opportunity to purchase $SUI at a discounted price of $0.03 during a token sale.

Sui Token Distribution

What is Sui?

Sui is a groundbreaking smart contract platform that offers unparalleled scalability and low-latency for simple use cases, making it ideal for latency-sensitive applications like gaming and retail payments. The platform is built on Rust and supports Sui Move, a dialect of the Move programming language, which enables the definition of customizable, owner-based assets and their operations.

With its native token, SUI, users can pay for gas and participate in a Delegated Proof-of-Stake model by staking tokens with validators. Validators' voting power is determined by the amount of SUI in their staking pool and fees collected from transactions are distributed accordingly.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, acquiring Sui (SUI) testnet tokens is a simple process that involves setting up a SUI Wallet and joining the official SUI Discord. By participating in the testnet and testing available applications, users can familiarize themselves with the innovative Sui platform before its mainnet launch and maximize their token rewards from the upcoming community airdrop. Sui's unique scalability, low-latency, and Delegated Proof-of-Stake model make it an attractive choice for various use cases, particularly gaming and retail payments.

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