Summary: Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter and Square, has a net worth of approximately $4.9 billion. This includes proceeds from selling 18,044,000 Twitter shares at $54.20 each to Elon Musk, totaling $978 million.

Dorsey holds a substantial stake in Block with one million Class A shares and about 47.85 million Class B shares, representing around 79% of the company's shares.

Who is Jack Dorsey?

Jack Dorsey (@Jack) is an American entrepreneur who co-founded Twitter and Square. Twitter, launched in 2006, introduced the concept of microblogging, while Square, established in 2009, revolutionized financial services with its mobile payment solutions. Dorsey has served as CEO of both companies, significantly shaping their development and impact in social media and financial technology.

Dorsey is also a prominent advocate for Bitcoin, viewing it as the future global currency of the internet. Through Square, he led a $50 million investment in Bitcoin and established initiatives like Square Crypto (now Block) to support Bitcoin's open-source development and the Lightning Network.

Who is Jack Dorsey?

What is Jack Dorsey’s Net Worth?

Jack Dorsey's net worth is approximately $4.9 billion. Dorsey co-founded Twitter (now X) in 2006 and sold it to Elon Musk in 2022 for $43 billion. Jack accumulated a substantial portion of his wealth through this sale. Based on recent data, Dorsey held 18,044,000 shares of Twitter, which, when sold at $54.20 per share to Elon Musk, resulted in a staggering $978 million.

Dorsey co-founded Block in 2009, where he serves as CEO and chairman. He holds one million Class A shares and around 47.85 million Class B shares in Block, making up roughly 79% of the company's outstanding shares. Despite market fluctuations, Dorsey remains a significant figure in the tech industry with substantial investments in Block.

How Much Bitcoin Does Jack Dorsey Own?

Jack Dorsey has not publicly disclosed the exact amount of Bitcoin he owns. However, he has consistently expressed strong support for only Bitcoin, describing it as the potential single global currency of the internet. Based on his public statements and advocacy, it is estimated that at least 10% of his net worth is in Bitcoin, equating to over 6,000 BTC.

Dorsey's belief in Bitcoin is further evidenced by his company, Block (formerly Square), which purchased $50 million worth of Bitcoin in 2020. This investment underscores his commitment to the cryptocurrency's future.

What is Bluesky?

Bluesky is a decentralized social network launched by Jack Dorsey. With over 5.7 million users, it aims to enhance transparency and user control through decentralized protocols, reducing centralized dominance.

Founded in 2019, Bluesky was initially an internal Twitter project before becoming independent in 2022. Jack Dorsey recently departed from Bluesky's board to focus on his other ventures, including Block and the crypto-adjacent social network Nostr. Despite his departure and his encouragement for users to remain on Elon Musk's X, Bluesky continues to thrive on its decentralized protocol, atproto.

Bottom Line

Jack Dorsey's impact on social media and financial technology is profound, having co-founded Twitter and Block. With a net worth of approximately $4.9 billion, significant Bitcoin holdings, and a strong belief in decentralized networks, Dorsey's ventures reflect his commitment to innovation. Despite leaving Bluesky to focus on other projects like Block and Nostr, Bluesky continues to grow, embodying Dorsey's vision for a decentralized social media future.