How to Bridge from Polygon to zkSync

Follow the simple 3 step guide below to bridge your cryptocurrencies from Polygon to the zkSync layer 2 network. We have selected the Orbiter Finance bridge as the preferred method to transfer assets between both networks because it is one of the only bridges that supports Polygon to zkSync direct transfer.

Step 1: Install a secure Web3 wallet

To begin the process, you would need a web3 wallet like MetaMask, WalletConnect or Trust Wallet. We recommend using a MetaMask; a non-custodial wallet. You can install this application from your mobile app store or web store. Once installed, visit Chainlist to add the Polygon and zkSync network to your wallet.

Step 2: Visit Orbiter Finance

To bridge your crypto assets from Polygon to zkSync you will need a secure bridge like Orbiter Finance. On the protocol, connect your MetaMask wallet and select the network you want to transfer from and the destination network. Since we’re bridging between Polygon and zkSync, you would select Polygon as the sending blockchain and zkSync as the target chain.

Step 3: Bridge Token

Select the token you wish to bridge from Polygon to zkSync and input the desired amount. Once selected, click on “Confirm and  Send” and approve the transaction on your wallet. The process should take between 1-3 minutes.

Orbiter Finance Bridge.
Orbiter Finance Bridge.


Polygon to zkSync Bridging Fees

Both Polygon and zkSync are Layer 2 platforms on Ethereum, which means they are cheap to execute transactions on. That said, users should expect to pay a maximum of fee between $5-$10 to bridge assets between both networks. This fee derives both from the network transaction fee and the platform fee for using the Orbiter Finance bridge protocol.

Is Orbiter Finance Safe?

Orbiter Finance is a secure and easy-to-use cross-rollup bridge that allows users to transfer assets across Layer 2 networks and some EVM blockchains. The protocol uses the “safety rollup technique” to ensure that users can safely move assets between chains. 

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for the best choice of bridges when you want to move assets across Layer 2 blockchains, then Orbiter is the best choice. Orbiter Finance has proven to be a secure bridge dedicated to Layer 2 networks. The protocol also offers instant finality and low fees.