Rollbit Available Countries

Rollbit Available Countries

Uncover the scope of Rollbit's services across various available countries, blending casino gaming with cryptocurrency trading.

Summary: Rollbit, accessible in over 160 countries, is recognized for its innovative integration of casino gaming and cryptocurrency trading. Founded under Bull Gaming N.V. and based in Curaçao, Rollbit aligns with diverse international regulations, leading to restrictions in specific nations, including the USA and the UK.

Its operation, under a Curaçao gaming license, presents unique regulatory nuances, especially since crypto trading falls outside this license's scope. For users, comprehending Rollbit's extensive reach and the implications of its regulatory environment is crucial for a secure and informed online gaming and trading experience.

Rollbit Overview
4.9 out of 5 by Datawallet
Rollbit is a dynamic online platform that uniquely combines casino gaming with cryptocurrency trading, serving users globally while adhering to strict regulatory standards.
Available Games
Casino Games, Sports Betting, Futures Trading and more.
Available Countries
Over 150 (US, UK, Netherlands & other restrictions).
Licensing and Regulation
Gaming License from the Government of Curacao.

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What Countries is Rollbit Available?

Rollbit operates in over 160 countries worldwide, leveraging its Curacao Gaming License. This license allows them to provide casino gaming and cryptocurrency trading services on an international scale. However, it's important to note that the Curacao Gaming License and the platform's off-shore operations place Rollbit in a regulatory gray area.

This means that while they can offer services to a broad audience, the regulatory compliance and consumer protection measures might differ significantly from those in countries with more stringent financial and gaming regulations. Users should be aware of these aspects when engaging with Rollbit's services.

Rollbit Restricted Countries

The platform enforces specific regional restrictions due to various legal and regulatory considerations. Rollbit prohibits users from countries including, but not limited to, Australia, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Iran, Iraq, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, the UAE, the USA, the UK and more. These restrictions are in place to ensure compliance with international and local laws, reflecting Rollbit's commitment to legal and ethical operations. 

The factors influencing these restrictions include:

  • Compliance with Local Laws: Understanding that cryptocurrency and gaming regulations differ globally, Rollbit adheres to local legal frameworks, which may limit its services in certain areas.
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and CTF Obligations: Rollbit follows stringent AML and CTF guidelines to deter unlawful financial activities, impacting its availability in specific jurisdictions.
  • International Sanctions and Trade Restrictions: Rollbit's operations are also shaped by economic sanctions and trade limitations imposed by international entities, affecting its presence in certain regions.
  • Political and Economic Stability: Countries with volatile political or economic conditions pose operational risks, leading Rollbit to restrict services in these areas for risk management.

According to its terms and conditions, Rollbit reserves the right to extend these restrictions at its discretion, prioritizing compliance, risk management, and the safety of its operations in the global market.

Rollbit Restricted Countries

Rollbit Licensing and Regulation

Rollbit, a service of Bull Gaming N.V., is licensed by the Government of Curaçao under the Master License of Gaming Services Provider, N.V. #365/JAZ. This licensing situation offers a level of regulatory acknowledgment for its operations.

Key aspects of Rollbit's licensing situation include:

  • Operational License: The Curacao license enables Rollbit to legally provide its range of services, including casino gaming.
  • Regulatory Distinctions: Notably, Rollbit's cryptocurrency trading activities fall outside the scope of its gaming license, indicating a tailored regulatory approach for different service aspects.

Therefore, while Rollbit operates with a Curacao gaming license, users should understand the distinct regulatory boundaries, particularly the separation between its gaming and crypto trading services, and consider the implications for risk and protection.

About Rollbit

Rollbit is an innovative online platform that merges casino gaming with cryptocurrency trading. Operating under Bull Gaming N.V. with a Curacao license, it offers a variety of casino games, a sportsbook, and advanced crypto futures trading with up to 1000x leverage. Rollbit is distinguished by its Rollbit Coin (RLB), a utility token central to user engagement on the platform.

Designed for easy access, Rollbit requires no KYC information, enhancing its appeal to a global audience. Despite regulatory challenges, the platform prioritizes security and compliance, evident in its robust user fund protection measures. 

Bottom Line

In conclusion, Rollbit, with its Curacao Gaming License, provides a unique blend of casino gaming and cryptocurrency trading services to over 160 countries. However, its operation in a regulatory gray area and off-shore headquarters necessitate user caution, especially considering the varying compliance and consumer protection standards. Rollbit's commitment to legal and ethical operations is further underscored by its adherence to international laws and AML/CTF obligations, leading to specific regional restrictions, including notable exclusions like the USA, UK, and others. Users should be aware of these limitations and the distinct regulatory boundaries between its gaming and crypto trading services.

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